December 3, 2013

Email 12-2-13

This week was one of the best and worse at the same time.

So, my companion got sick and couldn’t do our baptismal interview so I called the Zone leaders, we did an emergency exchange and we got it done.   She ended up choosing me to baptize her, which is always awesome.   We marked the baptism last Sunday, let the bishop and his counselors know.  In the middle of the week we went by to remind them again.   Saturday arrived and we called the bishop to confirm that he would be there.   He straight up said. ``Saturday is my day to rest, I don’t think I’ll go.``   We hung up the phone and went straight to his house.   He was literally doing NOTHING at home.   He just did not want to go.   I kind of feel bad, but I laid into him.    I didn't even know I knew Portuguese well enough to be able to talk to him like that.   He got annoyed that we were telling him how a bishop should act about baptisms and went inside.   With a little bit of hope we went to the chapel and called one of the counselors.   He had forgotten and went to play soccer.   And the other counselor was at his class.   We called the assistants and they said without a member of the bishopric there, you can’t perform the ordinance but to call the mission President to make sure. We called him.   I have never heard him sound so sad about anything in my life.   Not with us, but with the leaders in our ward.   He authorized the baptism only because we have been working with her for two months straight and we did our part.  We won’t be punished for others not doing their part. Almost no one was going to be at the baptism without the leaders so we scrambled to go to a recent converts house. She said she remembered the baptism but couldn't go because she was getting lunch ready and both her kids were naked running around.   We explained the situation and she said two words that changed my life.   EU VOU (I will go)   She said, ``give me five minutes to put some clothes on my kids and we’ll be there.``   It is amazing to me that a member for 8 months is more firm in the gospel than some others in our ward.   We ended up with like 10 people at the baptism and it was actually a really good meeting. Thanks to the people that showed up with a minutes notice.

I didn't tell this story for any other reason but to ask everyone that reads this letter to be a better member missionary.   Support the missionaries, and the leaders of the church, and don’t stay at home with nothing to do when people really need your help. Another experience really quick..

My companion was on exchanges this week walking in the street and a man called out.. ``ELDER`` They walked over, got to know the man and found he has been inactive for years. But when he was active he held callings in the priesthood and what not.   My companion said, ``We need men in our ward with the priesthood. We need you at the church.``   He said those same words.   EU VOU.   And he was there on Sunday with plans to be there every single week for the rest of forever.

My testimony grew more this week than any other week on my mission.

I love being here. I love the work. I love helping the people we come in contact with.
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
Kyler       Shannon (most of mine is deleted - what Kyler has to say is so much more interesting!!)

I’m here

How are you?

I’m good!!   After all of the drama of yesterday and Saturday,  I’m good!!   I got some pics of the baptism but my computer isn’t working very well.   I’ll see if it’ll work on my companion’s computer. :)  And you!?

I’m sweating in an air-conditioned room!   so........... yeah..   but it’s okay! :)   (I was cold this morning and hesitantly told him so!!)  Last week we watched Kung Fu Panda.   Ha ha   my companion had never seen it. 
I forgot to tell you that I had a meeting with the stake president about the bishopric and he’ll make it all good. :)

The problem is, there it literally NO ONE to replace him bishop).   There are four men in the ward that are active and worthy to hold a calling like that.   One is the bishop.   The other one is moving and the other two have been divorced recently  (from a temple sealing)  and have to wait 10 years to be bishop.   One man moved into the ward two weeks ago and I think he will be the new bishop.   I hope so.   It’s so sad to see a ward lacking men with the priesthood.

Yeah.. when we got here there were 40 people going every week.   Now we have a constant 60.   We’ll be going in like ten minutes but I love you guys!   Have a wonderful week! :)

I love you and we’re out of here for reals now.  love you

That's a beautiful name!!!   But as far as pronunciation goes, you're looking at it as a Portuguese talking Brazilian, not an American!!!  LOL   

Toy story, and if we have time, we’ll watch epic in English to understand it better!!   The translation and the voices are really weird in Portuguese!!   But we’re outta here!!     Love you mommy!!!  

December 2, 2013

Email 11-25-13

Okay! Remember when I got into this area and were only left with like three investigators!?!?   There was one girl.  We went to her house like two months ago when we got here and she told us straight up that she didn’t want anything to do with us!  :(   But we continued to have faith and passed by there once a week inviting her to church and making small talk and stuff. But we did a division like three weeks ago with our zone leaders and I felt the need to pass by there, so we did!   She said the night before she prayed one last time to know if the church is true or not and that day we passed by!   She was amazed.   We then were able to re-teach her everything and she went to church every week since then and will be baptized Saturday! This is all a miracle because last week my companion had the idea of fasting and praying specifically for her. She accepted the date and is really excited. She even gave us a reference;  we have started teaching her best friend!

There was a new family that moved into the ward.   They are awesome!   We met them a few weeks ago and they told us to keep an eye out for a house for them to live in!   Every time we passed by a house with a for sale sigh or a to rent sign we called them.   Luckily we finally found one that would work for them.  They moved in Saturday night.

The bishop in our ward has been in there for seven years and is SO tired.   He basically does not even want to be Bishop anymore.  I have a feeling that this new man in the ward will be the new bishop here in a month or so, and he will be the one that really helps the ward the way they are needing.  We went by last night just to see if they needed any help putting furniture and stuff up, they didn’t but we ended up sitting there for about an hour just talking, and she made us dinner and gave us juice!  It is people like them that make the difference. The small and simple things.

We have met some other really awesome people.  We have only taught the first lesson to them and we don’t know who will progress and who will get cut.   Hopefully next week I’ll be able to tell you more and more miracles that are about to happen in our area!

I’m so glad I’m here.   It’s never easy but it’s so worth it.   This Gospel is true.
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr


Elder Kyler in blue    Shannon in purple           11-25-2103

I’m good!   I’m getting my hair cut today, so I’m here in normal clothes...I feel so unprotected!   And out of place! Ha ha

We never wear our suits.  Just at conferences and special meetings.  But a white shirt and tie, yes!!  (on P-day)  I think we would literally die if we wore our suits here in the street!   I feel like I’m dying in normal clothes! Ha ha   In this area there’s a member that owns a barbershop that we go to.

I’m not sure what (movie) we’ll watch today, we watched Epic last week. I think that’s what it’s called in English.. Sometimes they change the names and they have nothing to do with the real name.

just’s HOT!!! :)

Warm up to 41!?!?   (in Flagstaff) I can’t even imagine that!   I was thinking, I’ll get home in November probably..  It’s going to be COLD.. I’m going to die!

You're so funny!!    When I read that it was snowing there I was like... "Huh!"    HA HA HA     Someone recently told us that their son got home to flagstaff from a hot mission in the summer and wore jackets and coats because he was so cold!!!    We'll get some arctic gear for you!  LOL

We watched it (the movies) in Portuguese, and I think some of the jokes get translated weird.. it was good, but I’m sure its better in English!   We also watched the croods!   We had time to watch two!!   Ha ha ha   the croods was way way funny!

That’s so amazing about the girl and also that you're teaching her friend now.  Dad and I were just talking about how when someone really gets it - the gospel message - they are so strong... and so dedicated and it’s amazing. 

That’s incredible!   It’s way cool to see the change in people like that.   When they pick it up, they never let it go. 

We’ll be leaving in like 10 minutes!   Just so you know.
Be sure and make some snowballs for me!!!:)
I showed those pics (of the snow) to my comp and he just laughed at me.  He knows how bad I’m missing the cold!!! Ha ha

Has he ever been in snow or the cold before?

Where he lives it gets pretty cold too, but he’s never seen a lot of snow like that.
Thank you so much, you guys are amazing!   Seriously!!   :)   I’m doing my best!   Remember that!
Be sure and tell dad that we never let our investigators go more than a week without a visit!!   He always reminds me of that and I always forget to thank him and let him know that it really makes the difference!

Dad says thank you for telling him that -- it was really important to him and also made a difference for him and it took him most of his mission to figure it out.   Thanks for writing in Portuguese -- I recognized one word -- obrigado - thank you!  I'll get it to google translator and enjoy reading what you said, but first - I just like to look at the letters!!  It's so amazing to me that my son is speaking that!!!   So cool!     Love you so much!

Eu amo vocês. Vocês são os melhores.  Obrigado por tudo que fizeram, fazem, e vão fazer! Sem vocês eu seria nada.
Tenha uma boa semana e se-diverti muito. Sou grato por estar aqui servindo meu senhor e ajudando todas as pessoas no meu redor! Lembre-se para sempre dar referências para os missionários. Eles precisam de vocês no crescimento do reino do senhor aqui na terra! Amo todos vocês! 

(I love you. You are the best. Thanks for all you have done, do, and will do!   Without you I am nothing.
Have a good week-and had a great time.  I am grateful to be here serving my Lord and helping people in all around me!   Remember to always give referrals for the missionaries.  They need you in the Lord's kingdom here on earth!   Love you all!)