November 13, 2014

Email 11-10-14

Everyone keeps telling me that this is my last p-day, but I can’t comprehend that thought.. It feels like I’ll be coming back to these little LAN houses to go into my mission e-mail to write these same letters forever!!   But I know it will come to an end. 

This week we had the opportunity to confirm the lady that was baptized last week, and baptize her daughter this week.  It was such an awesome experience. 

They are a really special family, they have a very special place in my heart, as do most of the people I’ve met here.

We´ve been teaching Luana and her family and she and her brother are progressing well, and they are on track for baptism this week along with the brother of a recent convert.   We´re doing good, and I’m doing my best to finish strong!!! 

This week will be super crazy!!   There´s conferences and family home evenings and I won’t explain what it´ll be until next week.. cause I want to have things to talk about.. okay!?!?    okay! :)

Thank you everyone for your support, prayers, letters, and thoughts...
You have no idea how much it helped me get through and experience everything that I did. 

Until next week. 

-ELDER Kyler Blane Farr.

Elder Farr's Coming Home!!

Hello!  Elder Kyler is coming home next week! He can't wait to see you!  Please drop by for food and visiting between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Wednesday, November 19th at Kyler's house.  If you need directions, please contact us privately.

Also he is talking in church on Sunday, November 23rd at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the building located at 2401 E. Linda Vista in Flagstaff  (86004).   This meeting lasts from 11 AM to 12:10 PM.   We invite you to join us.

November 4, 2014

Email 11-3-14

HA HA HA right when I think things won’t change.. THEY DO!! Ha ha
We got a new missionary.. I’m in a trio now. 

There were two missionaries that got here Tuesday morning from São Paulo. They were in the US waiting for their visas for like a year or so and just got to come. Anyways.. our newbie is Elder Mortensen.. (You should see Brazilians try to say his name.. it´s awesome.)

This week was good though. We met an ELECT!!!   She´s awesome. 
So we´re in like the SUPER GHETTO but this girl is legit.. she prays and read the little pamphlet we gave her, and she´s reading the Book of Mormon.

Everyone at church on Sunday was asking her what ward she´s in just because she was participating in the classes and reading and answering questions.   Like the best investigator I’ve had on the mission.   We haven’t set a date for her yet, but we´re trying for my last Sunday.

Testimony meeting was a tough one.... I was sitting there in the stools?? in the congregation and I realized that it would be my LAST FAST AND TESTIMONY MEETING ON THE MISSION.. so I got up and almost lost it!   I made it through though.

Katia was not confirmed and her daughter was not baptized because yesterday was a holiday where everyone goes to the cemiterio to see their dead loved ones graves and what not.. And how her husband passed away 5 months ago..... they didn’t go to church.. We´ll get em though. 

Love ya!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Email 10-27-14

At the beginning of this week we were walking and we saw this alcoholic that we teach and he had been drinking, but he was still not drunk.. but he wanted to see the church and so we took him there that second.. we took him on a tour and started with the classrooms, and then went to the baptismal font, then went to the cultural room, then went into the overflow and told him that we were about to step into the most important room in the whole church.. and as I was explaining that, my companion went in and turned on all of the lights.   As I opened the curtain, the room was so lit up and it was all PERFECT.. the guy lit up and said, ``give me just a second`` then he went and sat down and started balling like a little baby for like ten minutes. When he calmed down we sat by the sacrament tables and talked about what it represents and talked about the Atonement for a bit.  We testified that Jesus suffered for our sins so that we can be happy.  When we were explaining about that he started balling again... it was awesome... he accepted a baptismal date and everything. 
He will have to show alot of faith and desire to be able to change.. I know he is capable of that change.  It was way cool. 

We also baptized K, and were going to baptize her daughter but had a Little difficulty... ha ha so she´ll be baptized next week.   She´s perfect!! She was definitely prepared. . . I'll try to send pics.. if this computer lets me.. 

This week was awesome.. I haven't died yet! ha ha ha   I´m still going strong.. ;)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Email 10-20-14

Ok,  And remember that family that we taught that was baptized, D and J ??????   From Jatobá???

Well, I saw them Yesterday!!!!!!   He is now the Elders Quorum President of their ward, she works with the young women, and their son turned 12 and has the Priesthood and is serving in his Quorum.     AAANNNDDD in August they went to the Recie, Brasil Temple to be sealed for time and ETERNITY!    That is why I’m here!   Seeing them literally made everything worth it!   Two years of walking, suffering and getting sick.. All worth it.  Knowing that a whole family will be able to enter into the kingdom of heaven!   I love them and I am so happy for them!!!   

We met a lady that moved into our ward the same exact day that I got here and she´s already been to church many many times and wanted to be baptized.   She was not baptized because her husband wouldn’t let her, but sadly he passed away 5 months ago..   They were devastated, but that God has a greater plan for them and they will be entering into the waters of baptism this Sunday! 

I was studying in Alma 24:27... And I immediately thought of them..   We shared that story with them and bore our testimonies.   Few people I know would trust in God as much as they are.. They´re amazing!!

Besides that, everything is pretty normal here..   We´re working out butts off.. 
President told me to end my mission, and leave my mark.. sooo.. here I go!! Ha ha

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
They´re (D and J and family) so awesome!! 
They poked their head into the room I was in.. we were in a meeting and I stood up and ran out and they all stood back and  looked at me and said, WOW!! You´re so different!!!   And I started talking and they said, WOWWW you speak Portuguese now!!!    It was a special moment.   It made EVERYTHING worth it! One of the boys got there a little after and said, ‘wow! He´s skinny!!’   Ha ha it was awesome. 
They changed a bunch too!!!   I’ll tell more about that when I get home. :)

Wish you could have seen my reaction….   Like a little kid at Christmas!!! 
Everyone in the meeting was like.. What the heck!?!?!!?     Then my companion explained and they all understood! Ha ha

It was probably the best moment of my whole mission!!

Love you guys!!    have a great week! 

Email 10-13-14

This week was good...

So, I got here on Saturday afternoon.

So what happened in Itapipoca was ALL of the missionaries from there got transferred and they put Sisters there. No one really knows why, but I guess President knows best.   Good luck to them though because we suffered quite a bit.. 

Anyways!   We spent the whole beginning of the week cleaning the old apartment, and the new apartment.  The apartment where we lived was super old, so we rented a new one for the Sisters.  So we got everything ready and then did the move. Me, my companion and a young man from the Branch, we did the move. It took forever and we lived on the third floor and moved to another third floor apt.  We went up and down like a million stairs that day.

But it´s all over now.   I´m here with my companion Elder M. E here in Cecília.   It´s super ghetto. It´s one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, but don’t worry about us, we´re protected. ;)

What´s cool is that I’m in the same stake I started in and we frequent the stake center so yesterday at church I saw a bunch of people from my first area!

One Brother passed me and I said, ``HEY!`` and he just looked at me like I was crazy.. so I asked if he remembered me..   He said, ``no.. but what´s your name??``
I said, ``Elder Farr`` and he looked at me for a second, then it clicked..    He said, ``Oh my goodness where is the rest of you!?!?!?    You used to look like a closet!!   Now you´re disappearing!``    We laughed it off and then he gave me all the news from the ward!

Remember that family we taught that was baptized??   Daniel and Josy and their kids??   Well I talked to him on the phone, and he´ll go there next week to see me.   I´m so pumped! It´s like a huge family reunion!!    I love these people so much!    I didn’t really realize it until I actually saw them.    It was way cool.

I´ll let you know how it goes, and I’ll send pics! :)

I think that´s basically it.. 
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Email 10-6-14

We just recieved the transfers aaannddddd............
I´m leaving again..........
that means I´ve stayed one transfer with my last 5 companions.. 
AAAnyways.. This week was good, we baptized B. She was married on Wednesday and she got baptized on Saturday. It was supposed to be in between the conference sessions but here, the Branch couldn't get the Internet to work in the chapel, so we didn't watch conference. We only caught parts of the last session last night. But Elder Bednar's talk was great!  Can´t wait for the Liahona to come out to be able to read the talks.. ha ha
The baptism was good though. Whoever stays here will have to work hard to baptize her husband. Some things happened in the church that he got annoyed about, but that´s nothing that spirit can´t change.

I´ll be going to the ``Bairro`` Bom Jardim.  Not the same area I started in, but the same stake.  Which will be cool.  The ward is called Cecília.  I´ll stay there for this last month and a half. Then it´s over.  They sent me my itinerary.. and I´ll fly in on Tuesday the 18th.

I don't really know what else to say.. I had a bunch of things but the transfer call messed up my train of thought. 
But... I´m good and anxious to see my new area.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
from Shannon:  All 5 missionaries in that city got transferred and 1 finished his mission and went home.    I'm glad we got those awesome pictures of the mountain climbing last week before he transferred and look forward to hearing about all his amazing adventures in Bom Jardim!

October 1, 2014


Email 9-29-14


So, remember how we were opening that city that has never ever had missionaries in it ever??    We had some problems.. Like, the mission was looking to rent a place for the church meetings to be held and our mission President called Salt Lake to ask them about it and they told him that that was not the way it worked.  That it was the Stakes job to rent a place, not the missions.. so until they get that figured out we´re not allowed to go back!    Ha ha
Way less stress on my part..   Bummer that we won’t see the work continue yet.. but now we´ll be able to focus on Itapipoca.

The interview of a woman that we will baptize was made yesterday and she passed.. :)    And she´ll be baptized on Saturday.   Her husband has a really closed mind and heart, but little by little we´ll be working with him..

Nothing super out of the ordinary happened this week that I can remember..
An Elder that lives with us goes home this week......he’s way trunky and unfortunately it´s wearing off on me.. I’m doing my best!   but it´s hard.. ha ha ha
We have another possible baptism this week.. the guy went out of town, but if he gets back in time he´ll get dunked in the water.   He´s a like 70 year old man that has been an English teacher for like 40+ years.   He started going to our English classes and he´s like my best friend now and he´s already been taught everything. We´ll see how that goes though.
Glad to know everything is well back there!    Hope everyone is well!! :)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Email 9-22-14

This week was awesome! Ha ha ha    We had some big news at church! We had the Stake President come and make some changes...

Our Branch here will change.. Instead of having all of the meetings on Sunday, we´ll change it to having the classes on Saturday evening with just Sacrament meeting and Gospel Principles on Sunday.. Weird HUH!? Just like the old days.. right? Ha ha

I gave the lesson…. (is that how you say it.. ?) in Gospel principles.. I taught the class.. there we go! Ha ha ha about eternal families and I had the Branch President’s wife bear her testimony and share her experience of sealing with her family in the Recife temple. She cried, and a family of investigators cried too! It was awesome.
I just realized how thankful for the Opportunity that we have to be able to live with our family forever. There are some things that will have to change so that we can ALL make it there together, but I know it is possible. We sang the hymn ``families can be together forever`` also, and it was awesome.
We have two family home evenings planned for tonight.  One with a couple where the wife is less active and they will get married for her ``husband`` to be baptized and the other one
a family of four that loves the church meeting and are already married. They loved the Idea that their family will not be broken up after death,  that they will be able to continue on, learning and growing.

They realized that it is ONLY possible through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!
I love this Gospel.    It makes so much sense.

If you want to know if it´s true, PRAY ask God. He is waiting to answer your prayer. But you have to pray with faith.. okay!?

It´s a bummer that when we finally get the hang of things, it´s when our time is running out. I love the Brazilian people. I´m grateful for everything they have taught me and how God used me to help them. I know I have a bunch of time left.. ha ha and I’m not trunky!   But I’ve just been thinking about all that I’ve done and all that I still have to do.
I know that this is the only true Church on the face of this earth. The ONLY one with the Priesthood power and authority of God to make covenants with him. Things that count here on earth and that God will recognize too.
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

September 20, 2014


Email 9-15-14

This week was good...

I spent 4 days on divisions with Elder Borges, from São Paulo and His companion went to work with my companion one day in Itapipoca, one day in Itapajé, and the other day with the other missionaries that live with us. It was way cool.. I arrived here with Elder Borges so it was way cool to catch up with him and work with him!

We had our English class that was way cool, and we got lots of new investigators because of the class. People that went to church and are progressing. Most of them live in the area of the other Elders, but at least they´re going.

We went to the meeting in Itapajé this Sunday...A member went with us and the trip started off great, but the road is ssuupppeeerrr narrow, and really bumpy and there are tons of curves and my companion was in the back seat and got sick and threw up all over the car.. and ha ha there are lots more details but I won’t tell them here cause it´s gross... but we stopped at a Lodge and he got all cleaned up and then went to church.. When we got there guess who showed up!?!? President Bonini..... ha ha ha ha and only 4 of the 6 members went to church! Ha ha   I ended up talking, and President and Sister bonini also gave talks. It was good though!

In the branch we had some awesome investigators that went without us going there that the others told us about. We´ll be teaching them and preparing them for marriage.. ha ha to be able to be baptized!!!!

Things are going to change here.. we just found out that one more companionship will come on Wednesday to stay in Itapajé permanently, and we´ll stay here in Itapipoca instead of traveling there two times a week, because the trip is pretty expensive.. It will be less money to have a companionship living there than to pay for us to go every week..

Thanks for everything!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

PS -- So he told me that there are 2 duplas in the city he's in.  I asked him what a dupla is and he responded with, " I thought dupla was English....  It's companionship!"   I don't know why but that made me laugh so much, but it did!  I love that he's so immersed, he can't even remember what's English and what's Portuguese!    Then he continued with, "I don't have any contact with Americans.  I live with 3 Brazilians.... and so are our zone leaders   ha ha ha

September 10, 2014

Email 9-8-14

Here I am!   This week was good.
 As we are opening the city of Itapajé, we had an Elder of the couple missionary, (Elder S) come and work with us for the day that we went there.   It was fun.  He´s kind of an older fellow so we had to slow down everything a bit for him to keep up with us. He has a super great testimony that helped us with our work.

So we go there in the morning, and our plan was to get back to the bus station at 6 to be able to catch the last one to home. It was funny because at like 3 he was asking if we could start heading back. We just encouraged him and he had a really good attitude about everything. 

Working there is way cool because literally no one knows about the church there, and we´re looking for men to teach and baptize so the group can become a ward and so on. We went the most fancy neighborhood and just started knocking doors and it was actually very productive. We met some people that were super interested in the message that we will follow up with this Thursday when we go back.

We´ll be marrying (not literally – helping them get married ) a couple this week so the wife can be baptized, (here in Itapipoca) but the husband is kind of upset with the branch President and doesn’t want to get baptized YET!   But we´ll keep working with him and it´ll all work out. 

There´s one man here too that has been going to church for like 2 years that has to get divorced to get married to be baptized and he´ll go to Rio de Janeiro to divorce, because that´s where he was married, so we can marry them (help them) here pretty soon too, and baptize them too. 

Working in a group and a branch, the work is a little slower because there are very little members, and the areas are larger so we have to walk more and we don’t get references.. but the Lord´s work will always continue.

We met a really good man this week that we were really excited about but we went to his house to meet with him again and his Aunt answered the door.... and her husband is the Pastor of a little church.. ha ha ha ha so they talked bad about us..
We´re doing our part, and the Lord will always do his part!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes..

In my last ward they were all planning my Birthday party with cake and all that good stuff.. but then I got transferred to the middle of nowhere.. and …. ha ha ha this birthday was just like last years, but that´s okay..     We took snacks to the church and watched a movie, then got milk shakes so it was all good. 

Have a wonderful week! ;)                

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Oh yeah!   and we were passing in the street and a member wished me happy birthday where he works, in a watch repair shop and his boss heard and wished me happy birthday too... then told me I could pick out any watch I wanted ha ha!   It was cool.   I had bought one from there like two weeks ago.. so now I have two super awesome watches. :)

September 8, 2014

Email 9-1-14


So, what I didn’t realize is that we take care of this city ( Itapipoca ) but we also have another area. We are opening a CITY (Itapajé) a place where the church has never been in the history of forever. It´s nuts! So last year when I passed in the area Cidade Oeste, there was our ward mission leader, I don’t even remember if I ever said anything about him, but anyways, he moved to this little city along with another family and they are the ones that are running the group. There are 8 active members, and we had a family of 5 there on Sunday.

So here´s how it works. We work here in Itapipoca during the week, except on Thursday and almost all Sundays in Itapajé. President wants to put a companionship there right now, just to stay there but the ward can’t support them yet, they wouldn´t have any references nor lunch appointments.

This city is so legit, I wish I could have started my mission here and been left until the final. Since the whole city is our area, we can go wherever we want to shop, there´s the bank and everything!  I love it here, it´s awesome.

Itapipoca is only a branch that had like 40 members, but it´s growing fast!!
My companion is Elder D from São Paulo and he´s the man!!
OKAY!!     So, yesterday we went to the sacrament meeting of Itapajé ( two and a half hours by bus) and we went there, worked normal and everything was great. We took the 4:00 bus which is the last one to go back to Itapipoca and we told the man that we were going to Umurim..   because to get to Itapajé we gave to go to Umurim, then to there.. but when we got to Umurim the bus driver passed right by, and didn’t warn us, and it was already dark and we aren’t familiar with the area yet and by the time we realized it, we were literally in the middle of nowhere and he wanted us to get off the bus and try to hitchhike back to Umurim.. logically we wouldn´t have done that so we decided to stay on the bus and just ride it three hours to Fortaleza.. So we slept at the Zone leaders house there, (luckily they had an extra bed for my comp, and a hammock for me!) And we took a bus back here to Itapipoca this morning.. BUT the bus we were going to take was full so we ended up waiting there in the bus station for two hours, then came back.. We just got back..   Our p-day was super wasted!
That was our crazy week........................................ I’m exhausted.. but.. yeah.. ha ha
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Yeah we’re here at a LAN house, he´s (my comp) been out almost a year, and the pics were awesome!!   I didn’t realize how much I miss bowling until I saw those pictures.. ha ha ha

I’m glad I’m here and I’m loving my comp!!   Everyone has their strong points and their weak points, but he´s super awesome!! :)     

August 30, 2014

Email 8-25-14

Right when things start going well, and I think everything is going to be okay, my dream gets shut down. HARD.. our transfer system is different now.  We now get an e-mail on Monday saying where we will go, then on Tuesday we go to our new area.

I just received the e-mail and I’ll be going to Itapipoca.   A city 3 hours away from Fortaleza, 4.5 hours from city center.  I don’t even think they have a ward or a branch there, I’m pretty sure it´s just a group... I thought for sure I would finish my mission here.   I don’t know what to think, or what to do.
We took a super awesome family to church and they loved it.   They had only planned on staying for sacrament meeting but liked it so much they stayed for the second hour too but had to run home because they left her dad there alone and he has Alzheimer's.

There were a few other people too.
Next week I’ll let you know more about the ward, my companion, and what not.. if I’m alive! Ha ha...
I know I’m here to work…. I’ll just go there and work…..

Oh man,  I almost forgot!!!!!    Remember one of the garage churches???   One of them was ran by a man who was baptized in the church of Jesus Christ a few years ago..   he went inactive and started a very successful church, then left it and started another that was very successful also, then got greedy and started another.. and that one is in our area, and didn’t grow very well..   We stopped by every once in a while and made friendship..   Two nights ago we passed by and he called us over and started talking about how he wanted to talk to the prophet about how our church grows and his didn’t..    We told him straight up that our church is true and his was incomplete..   We bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and as tears rolled down his face he said he would return to church!    We walked by the next day and he painted the church. And ripped up all the papers.. And when we walked into church on Sunday he was there!!!!!!!!    He said, ``eu nunca mais vou sair desta Igreja!`` -  I will never leave this church again!

It was way cool!   One of the best experiences on the mission.    There were more details, but I’ll write them down and tell it better when I return.     Sad I won’t be able to help him more....     

Mom, thanks for everything you do!   It means alot to me!    Know that I love you guys too, ALOT!!!    I’ll give you more details next week of where I am and what not.
You are the best!!     Talk to you next week, have a good week!!!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

August 18, 2014

Email 8-18-14

So, I just read BISHOP Hatch´s letter that talked about how it didn’t matter that we had a hard week last week because we would have 4 people at church this week! Well, we had 5. so.. that was good.

Our ward had a meeting about that couple and their complications with the divorce and marriage and what not, and the ward came to the conclusion and everyone will help out a little bit.  Some people will help with money, some people will help with transportation, because he lives super far away, and one member is going to talk with his friend who is a... one of those people that work with that kind of stuff.. I forgot what  it´s called... and see if there´s a way around this huge process because it´s been 19 years since they have seen each other.

We redid our teaching pool!   We´re teaching like 5 families and some other single people.   We´vetaught a bunch of first lessons and we don’t know for sure who will actually progress, (hopefully all of them). Ha ha..
Our new mission president has changed a bunch of stuff!!   Nothing that will really affect me, because I think I’ll stay in this area until the end of my mission.  He changed how they will do the transfers and some other things.  He´s learning! Ha ha ha   we got some instructions from the Area Seventy that we are to work way more with inactives, so we were searching for some, and met a family that went inactive for little stupid reasons, just a misunderstanding.  We taught them and just started asking questions and they realized that they need the Gospel. It was a cool experience and they said that this Sunday they will be going to church. :)
Have a great week! ;)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
PS    we still don’t have an official ‘fly home’ date but it’ll be in mid November probably!
Yeah, we´ve found some good people and some like the ones that are dangerous.. but they´re all half my size, so I’m not worried. ;)

My Companion is the MAN!   I love this kid.   He´s excited and willing to work!   It´s cool..


But it´s true... we have to suffer to be able to grow!!!   Not grow grow, but spiritually growth.. or mental growth.. you know??    It´s like I always say in Portuguese.. tem que sofrer para crescer!   (have to suffer to grow)
I forgot to say... we taught the pastor of that church yesterday.. SO MUCH APOSTASY. I am seeing the prophesies of the scriptures come to pass here.  I know more about his doctrine than he does... ha ha ha but it was fun.

Email 8-11-14

So, remember our super elect investigator??

Yeah….  so a while back he was trying to take a language course but it wasn´t available at the time.   And right when he starts talking to us, it comes OUT OF NO WHERE!!   And it´s only on Saturday and Sunday, for the next two years.   And it´s a required class for what he´s studying... He said that in two years when he finished, he´ll definitely come to church again and get baptized...   I always tell my companion, that God knows what he does, but Satan also knows what he does.  He makes things look so good, but that will really do us damage. We´re just trying to help everyone, but that this happens.  We´re positive though, but it´s rough because also this week…..

We were teaching some people that are members of another church that were actually interested in the message and agrees to pray and ask God if it´s true but guess what they did first!?   They asked their Pastor.  So Stupid.  That´s probably the worst decision you can make.  The Pastor started talking bad about us and said how we don´t believe in God and all of the other stuff.. I study my Bile every single day. I guarantee that I know more about the Bible than these Pastorzinhos.  (google translation is ‘shepherd’)  I’ll take pictures of some of the little churches that we have here in the neighborhood.  They use their garage in front of their house as their church.   By day it´s a church, by night it´s a garage.

Good News.. kind of!  This Family that the mom will get divorced, then married, then baptized.. she went to the interior where her soon to be ex-husband lived and he doesn’t live there anymore.  He lives super far away in a place that doesn´t even have electricity ... but we got a hold of his sister that´s willing to help us.   She called the town where he goes to receive his phone calls, so when he goes there, he´ll get the message then he´ll call his sister who will call the lady we´re helping, then they will mark a day to go the place to do the divorce.... but it´s going to be SUPER expensive... but we´ll figure something out...

It´ll work out.. I´m noticing at this point of my mission how much satan doesn´t want us to do our work.. It´s frustration but it´s part of the plan.

There´s a little church in front of our house and we marked with the pastorzinho to talk about religionand we´ll teach him about the restoration. I´m just tired of him yelling every night about how someone is possessed and how he´ll take the demon out...ha ha   I’ll show you the pics and stuff when I get home.. but we´ll do our part and we´ll see what happens. 
I´m good!  Kind of stressed, but good.. I know my purpose and I’m willing to fulfill it.  The time is running out, but there´s still enough to make miracles happen..  Thanks for everything you do!   And for the letters too.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Email 8-4-14

This week started off pretty rough. Last week we made tons and tons of new investigators, so this week we started off just following up with all of them.. We spent like three days visiting the same people and teaching them, then we realized that none of them were really progressing.   This happens quite a bit here because the people are so sympathetic and want to be our best friends.  Sometimes they just want us to come back to have conversations instead of progressing in the Restored Gospel. 

We ended up contacting EVERYBODY and their dog towards the end of the week and we contacted an old woman sitting in the street, (like most old people do every night) and she told us about how her grandson wanted to learn more about the church, but that he was not at home at the moment.  We asked if we could pass by later that day and of course they said yes.   We went back that night with a member, the leader of the ward missionary work and we went there and just simply invited him to church, and he accepted and asked us to go by to walk with Him.   His name is Pedro and he has 17 years but looks like he has 25.   He´s quiet but super elect.   In the sacrament meeting the Bishop spent the first 20 minutes burning everyone about different things about keeping the ward building clean.  Then we had a class about the word of wisdom and all of the ridiculous members spent the whole time talking about how we can’t drink coke.......................I got kind of worried... but we went to his house afterwards and he said he loves church.   We haven’t formally taught him yet, but he seems super awesome.

Last week, I bought a bag,, remember how when I came here it broke??   I finally got a new one,,, and I got a new suit.;)    It´s super legit!

A família that we are working with that  the woman had to get divorced to be able to get married then baptized, finally went to the interior.....or the.. I don’t know..  out of town to get it all figured out.   Then we´ll hopefully be able to start the marriage process, then throw them four in the water!   They´re super anxious and ready for baptism and we´re excited to help them be able to get there. 

I know that God is our Heavenly Father, and that He loves us, and that he wants us to be happy, and that we gain that happiness keeping the commandments.   If you have any doubts about any part of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, put your knees on the floor and ask God in prayer... it´s as simple as that.

Be HAPPY!    And remember to smile. :)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr


He has been off his BP meds completely for around 6 months now and is feeling GREAT!   He checks it often and it's always perfect.

He and his companion are doing great!  He says his comp is awesome!  They share a house with another companionship,  one from Africa and one from Bolivia.

He can’t believe he hits a year and 8 tomorrow!  To quote him, ‘It is going by sssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast!!’   

He says he still has some weight he wants to lose but can’t focus on it right now – other things that are more important to do, plus he doesn’t have much control over what he eats or does so he’ll wait until home to finish that!

And ends with, “We’re out of here!!!    Love you a bunch.   Have a wonderful week!!    You´re the best! ;)”

Email 7-28-14


There’s not a ton to write about this week, just that we are working até o pó!!! That means ALOT! Ha ha...

I´m just trying to make sure that my ``kid`` has a good working habit and that he represents me well when I go home.. (not that I’m trunky or anything... )

There is a part of our area that is kind of far away from the church but that has not been worked by missionaries in a long long long time. We work there the whole entire week and met some people that were super promising and said they would go to church, but when Sunday came around, we went to pick up the people and it was like a ghost town at every one of the people’s houses. Even the members that live over there weren´t home. We still don’t know what happened, we’ll go there tonight to see what’s up!

We left our house one day specifically looking for a MAN to baptize, a future Priesthood holder. We went looking the whole day and nothing... until that night we taught a man that seems good and he accepted the baptismal invitation!! ;)

But even better! We stopped by the church at the end of the day and talked to the Bishop and he told us a story of a member that’s wife was baptized two months ago and they looked on the church’s system to be able to give him a calling but his information was not there. We looked and called church HQ and NOTHING!!  There was no proof that he was baptized.  So he needed to be re-baptized.  We went to his house and explained everything to him the following day (Friday) marked his baptismal interview forSaturday morning and baptized him Saturday night!   It was cool.. Kind of like a baptism fell from the sky!   Ha ha it was a fun experience he wasn’t mad either!   He was super happy!!   Ha ha

We asked him who was going to baptize him and he said, ``well that’s one thing that I never thought I’d be asked again!`` and he said one of us could do it. As it was Elder Pinheiro´s first baptism on the mission I left it up to him, and he performed the ordinance.   It was a super awesome meeting, and baptism.

Hope everyone is super well and happy!

I WAS going to add pix,  but we went to the center and I forgot my camera. MY BAD!. anyways, love ya!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

So....olha aí, são os Èlderes simpaticos google translated to  "Looking around, the elders are friendly"    is that right?
Ha ha ha pretty much!
Yesterday I got THE trunky phone call..  they called to ask which airport I wanted to fly into.   Ha ha

hooleeyyy mmoolleeeyyy!!!!   That's just right around the corner!!!   it´s crazy!!!   (Elder Kevin coming home on Oct 1st)

We’re super good, just tired... going to the center is tiring.  We go by train so it doesn’t take very long but it just takes alot out of us.  

Tell everyone hi for me. :)
until next week!