January 31, 2013

January 28, 2013

Letter 1-25-13

Oi Familia!
I've seen Elder R____ pretty much every day since I’ve been here, it’s so awesome! Every chance I get, I go up and say hi!

Ummm guess who else I saw.....?? Elder C____! From St. George. E____ P____ friend. Anyways.. I talked to him for a little while, just talking about the mish and what not. He is pretty awesome!

The Elders in the district just older than us got reassigned yesterday, I’ve only heard where one is going, and he's going to Alabama! He seemed pretty excited I guess. I'm super nervous for it, because I think I can teach better in Portuguese right now than I can in English. Maybe this is the Lords way of "making" me learn more of the gospel in depth, in English! But the Lord is here to help me; I know that for a fact! We still have one more week to get our VISAS though but it doesn’t seem likely. They already have our names on the list for temporary reassignment. So next week I’ll know for sure if I’m going to Brazil, or I’ll have my new/temporary call! I know when/if we were to get our VISAS we get to call home for like 5 minutes or something, I'm not sure, but I think they'd do the same if we get reassigned! I hope.
Umm.. There is an Elder S_____ here. I can’t remember where he’s from, but he has familia in California where a T____ married a S____. I can’t remember their names!! Ill get them to you. His uncle is named T____. That’s all I remember.
Anyways! Not a whole lot of new stuff has happened here at the MTC. We committed the sister missionaries (acting as investigators) to baptism, which was exciting! And one of our teachers (Irmao (Brother) H____) acting as one of the investigators that he taught on his mission ( A____ ), we committed him to baptism too! We have a few more lessons before the (fake date) baptism. Even though this is all just acting, it’s so fun. The feeling of helping people come unto Christ is so fun! :)

Me and Elder W____, a member of my district, gave the sacrament prayers in Portuguese in sacrament meeting. Everyone said we did well and it sounded good! I was so nervous, and I was shaking. I felt like I did when I did it for my first time in English!! But it was so fun. I love speaking in Portuguese! Which is good, considering I’ll be speaking it for the next 2 years.. besides the next few weeks! :)

During one of the lessons we were explaining about the restoration of the Gospel, and we started into the Joseph Smith story. And we know it well enough to explain simply for investigators, but I was thinking to myself - I want to know exactly what happened, from start to finish. So I opened my handy dandy scriptures to Joseph Smith History. And BOOM! It’s all there! I read it quite often. That’s why we're here, to explain this gospel to others and give them the opportunity to accept it and gain a testimony for themselves! Read it! What's the harm! We get to learn about the person that started this whole thing! James 1:5 is the best. When our investigator has a question, we go there and explain to them that if they have a question about religion they need to ask God! Then we explain about this boy named Joseph Smith that had the same question and did exactly that. He asked God. And he got an answer! What’s a greater feeling than knowing we have a Heavenly Father that can help us with anything in the world!? I'll tell you, there is no greater feeling. I know for myself. A mission is not easy, and I’m not even to the hard part yet! I have prayed and I have received answers! Eu amo este evangelho! (Translation – I Love this Gospel!) I know that Joseph Smith did what he did by the power of God! I know that God answers our prayers.

Go read Joseph Smith History. Go read James 1:5 like Joseph did. And pray to know for yourself if it is true. Then ponder on that prayer. Listen for the answer that the Holy Ghost WILL give you.

I don’t want to sound preachy, but I know we are blessed when we do as we are supposed to.

Love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr

January 24, 2013

Letter 1-19-13

Okay! First, the talk that you read about by the T____, the one by Elder Holland, that was here! Ha ha!! I watched it! He was the speaker for our Tuesday night devotional. That was my favorite part as well, when he talked about how it doesn’t matter how many people you baptize or convert or anything! All that matters is that you are converted! It was amazing; He dedicated 2 new residence halls, and one building for classrooms. It was one of the most powerful meetings/talk I have ever been in! Elder Holland has a way with his words. I love it! 
After the devotional we have a devotional overview where we talk about certain things that stuck out for us, or something specific that we just liked about it, just with our district. As we began talking about it, the spirit was so strong in that meeting! It was amazing. All of us were teary eyed; some people were bawling. It was incredible. I was thinking to myself, what else in this world could make a group of 19-23 year old people cry like that.. NOTHING! Except for the spirit of course :) Once again we had temple day, and we went early to eat breakfast there. I love the food there so much! But the most important part is not the food, but of course the ordinances that we get to participate in! Every time I go I see or hear something that’s new! It’s so cool!

I saw Elder R____! =) My district got to be some of the host missionaries to show the new missionaries to their classrooms, residence halls, and to get their name tags, and get books and what not. I saw the airport shuttle coming, and I didn’t know if N___ would be driven up or flown. But I was looking at the van or people, thinking to myself if I wanted to go host any of them. Then I looked in the passenger side window and it was N___! It was so great! So I took him to all of the different places, we talked for a little, got some pictures and what not. I’m going to go to the health office and see if we can get a "cookie appointment" set up so that Sister J____ can get a picture and send it to you! I loved that time with him! It was so much fun to talk about the missions, and what goes on here. Our schedules are basically opposite though! So, I don’t know how often I’ll get to see him from now on.

Pretty much the only time when we get too terribly cold here is when we walk to the temple, and even then it only takes about fifteen minutes so it’s no big deal! I’m fine. Brother H____ mentioned something about his niece being here? I’ll keep my eyes open, but I’m not sure of the likelihood of me seeing her.

We taught a lesson yesterday, a first lesson for one of the new teachers that we got. It was amazing. It was the first lesson here that I actually thought that a real investigator would have gotten something significant from it. I mean, all of our lessons are good, the investigator understands us, and we understand them, but yesterday the spirit was there! I was shaking afterwards! It was the best feeling!

This is so much fun! Elder R____ kept telling me how amazing it was here. I think since we do the same things every day I just lost that feeling of, this is amazing what we are doing here!! It made me realize that this is truly amazing! I love it! I love teaching the gospel!! :)

Um VISAS! Looks like they are not going to come before our 9 weeks is over. I think it’s pretty set that we're going stateside for a little while before. It’s like I’m getting my mission call again! We are taking bets of where we're going to go. I just hope it's warm!

Love you, Elder Kyler Blane Farr

January 15, 2013

Email 1-11-13

Hello family!!                                                          
Thanks for your letters this week! I loved reading the letter from you, dad. It is especially pertinent as of right now in my life in the MTC. It’s funny how the little decisions like that can affect us in the biggest of ways. We have been focusing a lot on obeying with exactness lately. And who knows, if we were to leave 10 minutes early for lunch, miss reading something in the scriptures; If one of our investigators were to ask us a question that I don’t know the answer to…. Maybe if we would have read for those extra minutes, we would be able to answer this person’s question. Maybe we wouldn't read it specifically like that, but being exact in obeying qualifies us to have the spirit with us. We would have the opportunity to be inspired as to what to say! We can’t ever not do the small things and risk it affecting us in a huge way.
We went to the Temple today. I went in with a question this time. Before we went in, I prayed that I may be inspired as to how to handle/answer my question. Or even know how to handle it. So we got in, everything was pretty much the same as usual, but during the prayer it was different. A little extra bit was added about "the missionaries in the congregation today" and went on to talk about some things. He answered my question word for word. No exaggeration, I was sitting there thinking about it in my head, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! It was a firm confirmation.
Brother H____ forwarded me a letter from Elder P____. It has to do the same thing. He had a talk with his companion about being completely, one hundred percent obedient! We will indeed be blessed beyond belief if we do things with a sincere heart.
I don’t want to not be able to dance with the cute girl in class because I have a hole in my sock! (Thanks for taking one for the team dad.. letting me learn from your mistakes) =) I want to study hard, and be perfectly obedient so the spirit may be with me continually. Having the opportunity to be inspired to say the right thing at the right moment. What more can I ask for than to have inspired words come from my mouth in the way that our investigators need to hear it! As well as the gift of tongues!
I've witnessed missionaries leave the MTC speaking Portuguese like they’ve been studying for months. How is that possible?? I'll tell you! :) This program is an inspired program straight from the leaders of the church. What a better feeling that to witness all of the blessings every single day here.
My companion is no longer sick. I am still writing in my journal daily!, Tell everyone HI for me! Any news on J___/M___serving?? I continue to pray for everyone. I'm glad dad is enjoying the nova!! :) Tell me something you have studied recently! Gospel related or not! :)
Thanks for writing me so much, I appreciate it soo much!
Love everyone!
Love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr
ps. looks like we might be here all 9 weeks? No news on visas and I/they don’t think they’ve even been processed yet! Either way.. I’m where I’m supposed to be either way!
=) Can’t wait to hear from you.. Thank you for taking so much time to write. I know you're super busy. Take a break every once in a while for me!

Letter 1-7-13

Minha Familia!!

NO!! Google translation is so dumb!!

· Through Faith and Prayer we can know the truth of many things
· I love this church with all my heart
· I love you guys
· I am grateful for the opportunity to learn the Portuguese language
· I am grateful for the gift of tongues

I guess it was okay! Because the computer I was using didn’t have the capability to use accents and what not! J My fault!

I have study time (additional) and I wanted to work on learning more of the language about testimonies. So I will put it into a letter for you! J

(next is a huge paragraph of Portuguese, which I deeply desire to do the translating of… if I need help, there are several people I know that could help me but I want to give it a shot first! I’ll send it as soon as it’s in English!)

Elder Kyler continues: Ha Ha! That’s just a start! You don’t need to translate and write it back because it’s kind of long! But you can if you want to!! J

Ummm!!! I pray for all of you every day! I would say that about half of the prayers that I say in a day include something about praying for all of you! And we/I say about a million prayers in a day! So that’s a lot of prayers for you!! J I really hope everyone is doing well, and just know that I am having so much fun learning and teaching the Gospel!

One thing I love to say in all of our first lessons is Joseph Smith’s First Vision! Primero Visao!!

(Then… more Portuguese!!!)

Elder Kyler continues: From memory!! J My second greatest accomplishment! The Spirit is so strong when we can recite that from memory!

I also memorized the 4th Article of Faith in Portuguese. I plan on using it this week as we commit “Augusto”, our investigator, to Baptism!! J I can’t wait. We were supposed to do it right now, but my companion esta (sorry) is sick so we can’t right now L I’ll let you know how it goes!

I love you all so much! I love this experience! My time is almost up! But, yeah! Love you, you’re all awesome!! I pray daily for you! Elder Kyler Blane Farr

January 6, 2013

Email 1-4-13 part 2

okay.. in addition to my other e-mail, I wanted to leave you with this thought!!
We were reading through ALMA 36 during one of our Book of Mormon study times, and I really loved this scripture. It is verse 24. "Yea and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste; that they might also be born of god, and be filled with the holy ghost."
For this reason.. to bring others unto repentance, to bring them to taste of exceeding joy.. is the purpose for all of the missionaries in this world. To invite others to come unto Christ. This is why I am here, to leave, with people, the message of the restoration of this wonderful gospel to the people of Brazil. I know that I am being sent to Brazil for a reason, that is where the Lord needs me to be. I know that there are things here in Provo that I need to experience first though. My visa will come when the Lord needs me in Brazil. I am continuously counting my blessings every day. I am so thankful to be here expanding my learning of the gospel and strengthening my own testimony.
I challenge you, whoever reads this letter, to do something daily to strengthen your testimony of the gospel. I don't mean to preach, but I know this to be true.
Atravez-de fe e oracao nos podemos saber a verdade de muitas coisas! Eu sei que o Evangelho de jesus cristo e verdade. Eu amo esta Igreja com todo de meu coracao! Eu amo voces! (I can't do all of the accents because these computers don't have the right setting) Eu sou grato por a oppurtunidade para aprender da lingua de portugues. Eu sou grato por o dom do lingua! :) theres some phrases for you to look up :) they should all make sense, haha I just pulled them out of my head real quick!
love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr!
From Shannon - Here's google translation's version of the above phrases. It's not completely accurate but it makes sense and sounds like Elder Kyler's testimony!
THROUGH-of faith and prayer we can know the truth of many things! I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and truth. I love this church with all of my heart! I love you guys! I am grateful for the oppurtunidade (opportunity) to learn the language of Portuguese. I am grateful for the gift of language!

Email 1-4-13 Part 1

Hello family!
Not much has changed here at the MTC. The stomach flu was going around, just like a 24 hour bug. My companion got it, he was throwing up so much he got dehydrated and passed out twice. It was crazy, so I took him to the health clinic and he slept there for like 6 hours, got some fluids in him and what not. He is doing fine now, but for those 2 days he was bed ridden. I heard that like 300 people had it here. So we weren't allowed to shake hands with anyone or hug. So we elbow bumped only!! It was so crazy that a sickness can wipe through a place in a matter of a couple days. I think it's mostly passed now. I am so glad it missed me!

But while my companion was in bed, they let me still go to class and I had a lesson to teach. Elder J____ offered to teach with me, it was the first visit with this investigator. The lesson was so good! We taught the restoration, we knew all of the words and it just went super well! I think it was the spirit doing all of the talking, but it is still amazing. The fact that all of the missionaries here, only having been here for a short while can teach lessons about the church in a way that our investigators can understand. I have been working on conjugations during language study time recently so our sentences make more sense. There is so much more to learn, but it is happening more and more every day.

As today is p-day, we went to the temple this morning and we ate breakfast at the temple. Next to actually being at the temple, breakfast is the best part of p-day! The food is blessed! seriously, compared to the food here, it is amazing. I actually feel good after I eat there.. Here, at the MTC the food is good.. but it gives everyone gas. I still love it here! As a district, we have been working more on studying during all of our study times. Sometimes we get distracted, being in the room for hours at a time.. It gets very repetitive. We have been working so hard, and we've decided to start every study session with a prayer to have the spirit there. It does help, this past week we have been way more focused than ever before. I think 7 of the elders in my zone got their visas today. I was super bummed that I didn't get mine, but then I thought! Wait, Nate only has a little while before he gets here. I am hoping I get to see him before I 'm off to Brazil!

I am still enjoying my time here, trying my best to get along with everyone I come in contact with! My district is awesome, Our teachers are the best!! I got the New Years package from you today! Thank you so much!! The pictures were great to see!! They challenge us to read out of the little white handbook every night, 5 pages.

I hope you had a super happy New Year!! :) We did some crazy stuff here for new years!! Got some snacks out of the vending machine! Wrote in my journal! Had Companionship prayers! It was intense!! We didn't get to bed until like 10:30!! ahahah.. just kidding that's what I do every night.. But that's okay, because I love it!!

I have a spiritual thought, but I forgot it in my notebook. I will e-mail it later when I have access to a computer when I have my suit on..

Love everyone! Keep sending dear elders! It is great to have something from you as much as possible!
I'll hopefully write my thought in about 3 hours!

Elder Kyler Blane Farr