June 30, 2014

Email 6-23-14

this week will be pretty short unfortunately. Today Brasil plays this afternoon so everything will shut down and the LAN houses will be shut so we wont' be able to go. But as Zone Leaders we have to also pick up the materials for our zones in the morning... So here I am! ha ha
Anyways, this week was kind of a repeat of last week.   Everyone keeps traveling, and the people that stay home just sit in a chair on their sidewalk and drink and drink and drink... 
We ended up with a really good lesson with a lady that we are preparing for baptism about keeping the sabbath day holy. Her mom was super doubtful because she used to go to the seventh day adventist church, but after we explained everything the kept saying that the would start buying stuff on Saturday and not Sunday.   Her daughter is the one we usually teach and we ended up teaching both of them.  Unfortunately the lady,(her mom) got sick that night and had to go to the Hospital and was not able to go to church. She has already gone once, so we should be able to have her baptism this sunday ainda. 
We´re both good, we´re trying to work even under these super annoying circumstances. 
Next week I promise I'll have better things to write about! ha ha ha
The US played yesterday and alot of people watched that game, Brasil plays today and EVERYONE will watch that game too, so the rest of this week we should be able to make miracles happen once again!
Thanks for everything! You´re great!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr 

June 23, 2014

Email 6-16-14

This week was good.. NOT.

SO, because of the world cup games, and some of them being here in Fortaleza, it´s super dangerous for us to be in the street because there are tons of excited crazy people and others are rioting...

We still leave to teach when the games are not happening, but during the games the streets are full of drunk people that just want to yell or talk to us about the games, or fight us because we´re…. well at least I am white.. ha ha

We deep cleaned our house, studied a bunch.. normal things.
President said we had to stay at home and get to know our companions.. I basically know everything about Elder Espinal now! Ha ha ha

There is a new Missionary couple serving here now.   Elder and Sister Evans! They´re awesome, just met them today when we went and got materials from the office. 

I ate sushi for the first time in Brasil this week.   We went the other night and got it.   It was good, but not like AMAZING.

We´ll probably go back more just to eat something besides rice, beans and chicken every once in a while.

There´s not a whole lot to write.. But I hope everyone is well and happy, and ready for Brasil to win the cup! ;)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr 

Email 6-9-14

ELDER KYLER                                      9 JUNE 2014

Okay, so last week after I sent my e-mail my companion went home and said he wasn't feeling well, had a fever and what not.. So we didn’t end up leaving that night.  He woke up at nine At NIGHT and was suppeerr sick and we called Sister Souza and she called a taxi for us to go to the Hospital.  We got there and stayed until midnight, taking tests and what not.   We slept there at the secretaries house because it´s near the Hospital and the next morning we went back to the Hospital to get the tests..   Just to make a long story short, we spent this whole week at the Hospital and getting tests done and we didn’t leave to work until Saturday night.   He´s better now but had a fever for like 7 days, was coughing a ton, was throwing up and getting dehydrated. so.. yeah it was interesting. 

I have only met like two of our investigators and very few members.   But from what I’ve seen it´s a good area, just super small.   They´re reforming our chapel here in our area so we have to go like half hour away walking.  But we´ll do work here, and it’ll all work out.

In sacrament meeting this man told a story. 
There was a working man that was working for his boss. His boss told him he needed to build a bunch of houses.  So the man built them.  Then the boss told him to build more houses, so he built them.  He got done and the boss told him to build more houses.  The mas was tired but built them anyways.  At the end the worker went to his boss and showed him the work that was done.  He said, ``well done, but now I need you to make one more house, a GREAT house. and you can build it however you want, it just needs to be good, and money is not a problem, do whatever you need to.`` so the man went, super tired and built a house that was very very very simple, but a good house. With nothing special or anything, because he was tired.  When he finished, feeling accomplished, he took the house key and gave it to his boss and said, it´s done!  The boss took the key, and gave it back to the man and said, ``it´s yours´´.  The man felt terrible because if he would have spent more time, and made a better house, he would have a much better house.  But he was ´´tired`` and did the minimum, and now he´s stuck with the minimum.

This story can be interpreted many many ways, so I’ll just leave it for you to interpret it how you want.  This man that gave the talk was awesome.  THE best talk I have heard on my mission by far. He´s hilarious too!

Have a great week. Love yuuhh! Ha ha
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

June 6, 2014

Email 6-2-14

You might as well call me the wedding planner!
K and G were married this week, on Thursday. The wedding was simple but they know that here in a year after the baptism will be one that is much much more special! They were baptized along with K´s mom too. 
Remember D and V, the couple we baptized like two months ago? Well yeah, they´re the best! We have been teaching her nephew and preparing him for baptism. He was baptized Sunday, and guess who baptized him!?!?!? D! his uncle/recent convert. It was SO awesome!
I´m so happy for everything that I was able to do in that area. 
Oh yeah.. by the way.. today was transfers. and I left :( But I know that I'll be able to help alot of people here too. 
I was in my last area for 4 months on the dot, and was able to baptize 17 people. ALMA 26:12 ;)
When we got there the attendance was 75-80 and now it is 120-125. I am so grateful that I was a part of that marvelous work.
I left Elder Bramwell there and his new companion is his ´´pai`` on the mission. The missionary that trained him. They´re going to continue to tear it up over there!! We already have like 6 confirmed baptisms there. He will be sure to send me the pics! ha ha

Now I'm in Conjunto Ceará. All that I have heard about this ward is that it´s been worked and worked and worked... and that EVERYONE has already heard from the missionaries. ha ha That´s the same thing people told me when I got into my last area. But the lord always prepares people to HEAR and ACCEPT this message. 
I know this church is true. And if you don't, kneel down and ask God with faith if it is. And he WILL answer you. I make this promise as a representative of the lord Jesus Christ.
I dont even know how to put my thoughts into this e-mail!
I´m just so happy ha ha!!

Mom, remember that picture you sent me for Christmas and said I could give it to some one special that I met?? I gave it to D and V! They loved it!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Email 5-26-14

This week was a good one, but a difficult one. 
I got a cold, that started out in my throat, then the nose, then went into my ear. I haven’t been able to hear anything out of my left ear for three days. It´s all swollen and stuff. BUT, I’ll go to the doctor today. (finally)  

This week was good though, we got some good work in. We had 9 possible baptisms for this next week but one of the guys called us today saying that he didn’t want us to pass by his house anymore, because his grandma doesn´t like the church.  And this is the guy that in the contact said, `` I feel that you guys are different, I want in, how do I become a member of your church.`` This guy studies religion and said he was kicked out of every church he has been into because he preaches the ``word`` how it´s written in the bible and the pastors don’t like that! He loved knowing that The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored, but he lacks the faith to follow.    There are so many good people in this world that are being held back by others.   

We´ll finish the marriage process of G and K, and they´ll be baptized with her mom on Saturday.

We have many others being prepared to enter into the waters of baptism that will take a little bit more time, but that will work out in the future.

Sei que a maioridade de vocês não vão entender o que eu vou escrever mas eu senti que que eu deveria fazer isso. Ei sei que esta é a Igreja verdadeira. Eu sei que existe muitos caminhos, mas essa é a unica que traz felicidade nesta vida e salvação na vida depois desta. Eu agradeço o Senhor todos os dias pela oportunidade que Ele tem me dado para estar aqui em Fortaleza. Eu amo servir as pessoas. Daqui a pouco eu vou fazer um ano e seis meses de missão. Isso faz-me triste e feliz. Vou poder ajudar muitas pessoas e batizar elas nesse curto tempo. Todo o mundo sabe que indo para case faz parte também, mas eu não vou deixar de ajudar cada um dos filhos de Deus enquanto eu estou aqui.
Amo vocês. Tenham uma boa semana. 
abraço!      -Èlder Kyler Blane Farr

(From Google Translation --  Use your imagination on the parts that don’t make sense!!  Ha ha  And I don't know why my font switched in the middle but I can't change it.. sorry.    If you know Portuguese, particularly Fortalezan Protuguese :) and can clean this up a bit, I'd be most grateful!  But regardless it was really wonderful to get some Portuguese in this letter!   Makes this Mom happy!)
I know the majority of you will not understand I'll write but I felt that I should do this. Hey I know this is the true Church.  I know there are many paths, but this is the only one who brings happiness in this life and salvation in the afterlife.  I thank the Lord every day for the opportunity He has given me to be here in Fortaleza. I loveserving people. Pretty soon I'll do a year and six months of mission. That makes me sad and happy. I'll be able to helpmany people and baptize them in that short time. Everyone knows that going to marry a part too, but I will not stop
helping each child of God while I'm here.
Love you.
 Have a good week.
 -Èlder Kyler Blane Farr

Email 5-19-14

This week will be kind of short due to time, but we just got back from hearing Elder Neil L. Anderson speak here to our mission and the neighboring mission. He´s super awesome and he even speaks Portuguese, (even though it's kind of rusty). It was such a privilege to hear one of Gods Apostles speak to us. He spoke to us about the Atonement and how we can gain or strengthen our testimony through the Book of Mormon. We went through several scriptures and studied them together, it was way cool! We heard some other talks and testimonies from the other people there too. 

We ended up with 7 investigators at church on Sunday and have some baptisms marked for these next few weeks. I love this work so much! It is such a blessing for me to be here in these times. 

It was so sool to hear Elder Anderson's convincing words as he testified that Jesus is the Christ, and that HE LIVES. I´ll never forget how I felt in that moment. Or how I am still feeling, thinking about it.

I love all of you and I wish you a very successful week, full of happiness! :)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr