August 2, 2013

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Hello errybuddy! ( spell check said I spelt that wrong, but I don't think so! )

This week was actually really good!   We taught some super awesome lessons and made some golden new investigators. Our one ward, is just one giant favela.   It’s super easy to just walk in and baptize a bunch of little kids, but we have set a goal of teaching men and women together.   That’s where it gets difficult there because there are many, many broken families.   We do our best to follow the spirit in teaching the people that are ready.   It has been very difficult to find people in the area though,  BUT on Wednesday at district meeting we received some references from the mission office of people that were contacted previously, and their names got passed on to us.   We were so excited to have pessoas that we were taught were ready to hear our message and have the opportunity to accept it.   So, one of the names it was literally the last house in the corner of our area. It ended up being in an apartment complex. We got there, and almost didn’t even go in. It looked completely abandoned. The door was hanging by a rope, and there was graffiti all over it. But we went anyways, all the way to the fourth floor. It was such a terrible feeling in there but we got the name and had to see what the situation was. We got to the house and the door was opened, we asked for the guy, and he came to the door... our first impression - he has a nose ring, ``chest`` ring ( you know where ) and a belly button ring. But we thought, okay! Repentance is real; we got this!   He told us how he talked with missionaries before and they only came three times until he told them that he is homosexual and they never came back.   He was offended, but it was because the others got transferred, that’s when we got there, and the name got lost.   Anyways, we kept it brief due to the strange feeling, taught a brief third lesson and were getting there right as his ``partner`` got there.   He didn’t want anything to do with us.   I think we all know why the other Elders didn’t go back there.   We invited him to church, kept everything cool, got to the stairs, and ran as fast as we could out of there! You’re probably thinking why I am writing about this situation.   It was kind of a testimony builder for us. When we got the weird feeling, when we first got there, we should have never even gone up.   Luckily nothing happened to us.   We would have had nowhere to go, only one entrance and exit.   But luckily we were blessed this time, and learned to make the right decision in the future!

We were walking home the other day and like 10 kids stopped us in the road wanting to see if we really speak Portuguese.  We showed them what’s up!  :)   Then some of them tried speaking English with us. That didn’t really work out, but one of the kids ran to go and get his sister who he said speaks English. She got there, it was hilarious; she was so embarrassed.   But we started talking, and she speaks perfectly, basically without an accent. Which is hard for the people here  because they never learn how to make the R sound.   It was awesome.  We set up an appointment to go teach her and her family about the church! We’ll pass by tomorrow, I’m excited, I think she’s one of the ´´elect´´ But we’ll see for sure tomorrow. :)

Everything in our new house is completely done!  It’s great!!

We’ve been actually cooking real food, and getting pretty adventurous.. kind of. :)_We just buy chicken breasts and cook it with whatever kinds of fruit we can find, so far we’ve done mango, lime and pineapple. I’m sure there will be more to come. :)

In the package (from his former YM’s leader and wife) was Jerky, ROOT BEER CANDY :) ,  The little fan, some little toys, gift cards I can use when I get home and you might think this is weird, but the toilet paper actually came in handy. The stuff here just isn’t as good of quality as it is there. It was good.

Yeah, that family we taught on the log eventually wanted nothing; they never fulfilled any of the promises.

I hope everyone is well!!   I love it here.    It’s the best!

p.s. I got the letter from everyone that wrote from the reunion. It was awesome!! Trunky definitely hit, but good thing I got it on p-day!

Have a great week.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

More from Kyler:

I’m so well!!! The work is progressing well, after we leave here we’re going to use our p-day and spend it with a less active family, playing games cards, maybe watch a Disney movie. It’ll be awesome!

I don’t know why I’m so interested, probably because the cars here are soo terrible!!! Ha ha  (our whole family has been having car issues lately.. that’s what this is referring to)    That’s (sienna) one of the mission cars they use in California, and the favorite . Some of the missionaries in our zone had a Malibu! They’re awesome. But they use different mission cars here in Brazil.. OH WAIT.. They don’t have cars. Ha ha ha just a joke that I think is hilarious. We joke about it all the time. 

I’m not the one to be asking about spelling! I don’t even know how to say my last name right anymore!! It’s Portuguese’s fault.. But I love it! :)

We (the 2 sets of missionaries) separated, because we are both taking care of two areas, so we got the new house so the areas can be split, and have one companionship in each area. So we’re alone right now.

Have an awesome week!   I love you guys.   Tell EVERYONE hi for me   :)

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Elder Kyler Blane Farr
Brazil Fortaleza Mission
Av. Santos Dumont, 1789 – sala 1612
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