August 2, 2013

Email 7-29-13

This week was pretty awesome. Remember when Elder () was sick!?   He’s kind-of better now because of the medicine he has been taking, but we went to the center today to talk with a doctor and we the doctor said it would be a super good idea to get his tonsils out.   We talked with Sister (), then she called the mission doctor who is in São Paulo and he said it’s probably not a good idea to get it done on the mission.   So, they will probably end up giving him some strong antibiotics, just to last until the end of his mission, then he can get them out when he gets home.

But that reminds me of when we went to the center.  We had to stop at the mission office to get some of the Lab results they had already done, but afterwards we went to the bank to see if our monthly money had fallen yet, it hadn’t.   But, when we found out that all of that money we spent getting the stuff for the new house, we got the reimbursements from that.   So, we went to the center center and bought a bag, like a big travel bag because mine broke on the trip here.   I’ll have to get another one towards the end of the mission, but until then, this one and the other one I have will be fine for transfers and what not.

Okay, this is all over the place so far but......

As for missionary work, remember that super awesome girl we met in the street!?   We went to her house to teach her, her dad answered the door and got super mad at us.   He has a super big problem with Baptisms for the dead.   He told us that ``His Bible`` doesn’t say anything about it.....  We showed him in 1st Corinthians where it does  . He was baffled and got even more mad at us. We didn’t want to argue with him, so we just invited him to stop us in the street whenever ( because we walk past his house like 20 times a day) and we would love to talk to him whenever he is ready.   :  ) It’s super sad, because his daughter actually has a desire to learn more for herself, but that opportunity was taken away because her dad is super closed minded :(

Another girl that has been going to church with all of her relatives for three weeks now, she just moved here from the ``interior`` (I don't know how it’s called in English..)   But she’s 12 and her name is () (with two l´s, she made sure we knew it, so I figured you all would like to hear it too)   :)   We talked with her one time with her cousin, who is a member, about prayer and baptism and we left the pamphlet on the restoration because we were pushed on time.   She said she probably wouldn’t read it, but it was okay that we left it.   But she did agree to pray.   So, we went back a few days later and asked her how she felt when she prayed.   The first thing out of her mouth was that she wanted to be baptized.   After she prayed, she all of the sudden had the desire to read the pamphlet, then she got the feeling to be baptized.   It was an incredible experience.

There was a little bit of drama with a member of the ward. She gave me a card, but nothing will come from it.   We talked to her, about how missionaries are missionaries, and that’s it.   She understood and agreed to stop.   That’s what happens when you’re an incredibly good-looking American in a foreign country.   ;  ) Just kidding.. but for real..

Like the past couple of weeks, this week was taken up by doctor appointments, and I got pretty sick like three days ago, but we’re all good now, and we’re excited to keep the work moving in the weeks to come.

I’m so glad I’m here, I’d rather be no where else but here. Good luck to the missionaries getting ready to leave!   It’s going to be great, I promise.   I’m so glad I’m here and that I have the opportunity to help others come unto Christ!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

And, yeah I got all of the pics!   Everyone is growing up!    Everyone looks so good too!    :)

I forgot to even write this in my letter.. But we set up a baptismal date with () for Saturday!   So next p-day I should have some pics and what not from that!

That’s awesome! So () are all moved in and what not now??  I’m super happy they’ll be there when I get back.    And there are 2 brand names here of surf brands that don’t exist in the states.   I bought two of their hats today one for $R16 and one for $R15 that’s like 8 bucks, and they’re AWESOME!!!

She () lives with her grandma, and she’s like never home.   But EVERYONE else in her family are already members.  She lives in the same apartment complex as her cousins, an aunt, an uncle.. She’s set!  The reason she is the only non-member in the family is because she lived there in the ``interior`` remember when we skyped I couldn’t think of what word it is.. Like super far out of town.. like 10 hours. She lived there    ha ha...

(Him being sick)  It’s a funny story, I fell asleep one night with the fan blowing full speed in my face, so I got kind of a cold.. Which is weird here. But it’s getting better now, just a super sore throat which is almost gone.

I actually do have some garlic.. like a whole bottle from California that I still had in my bags!   Lucky huh!?    I’ve been taking it and I’m just kind of muggy now.   But I’m all good!   :)

(from Shannon - I was curious about what he meant by ‘feeling kind of muggy”  J  )  I’m just getting over being sick; just kind of tired and stuffy. I can’t think of any descriptive words!   With my comp, we speak half English half Portuguese..   We just use whichever words pop into our heads first!   And we speak more Portuguese, so the words I’m using are all mixed up.

And don’t even joke about selling the nova!!!! I’m serious! .. just kidding.. NOT!!!   (from mom - We had written him that as we tell people how happy he is over there and how much he loves it, I joke that he  may not want to come home after his 2 years are up.   But Blane figured out a sure way to fix that – put a for sale sign in the Nova, take a picture and send it to him!!  We’d never sell the Nova but it sure is a fun story now!!)

And, I was wondering, have you been saving any of the letters that I send home. I’ll have my journal but I’d like to have the letters that I send for when I get back too?  (We have been keeping them in plastic pages, a copy for us, a copy for him and the originals on the computer)   Awesome!   I bought a book with plastic pages to save all of the letters I have gotten too.   I only got it this last week so some of the old ones are all mixed up, but from now on I’ll have them all organized and what not.
I hadn’t even realized that I’ve kept them all, except for the ones I sent home from California and the MTC   (We have those saved for him here)

I love you guys!   Have a great week, and I’ll hear from you in a week!!    Love you though.   But you know that!!!   :)    Thanks for the updates on my cousins too!!   And will you send me a picture of my new Grandma!?     but anyways love you!!!! :)