October 22, 2013

Email 10-14-13

Okay, this LAN house that I am at is so horrible. (the place where we’re sending our e-mails -- I blame it (any typos) on that!)

This week was awesome! We arrived in this area with TWO investigators..  We were literally left with nothing.   We had tons and tons of meetings and what not last week that didn’t give a lot of time to teach, but this week was the best!   We set our goals super ridiculously high and we even hit some of them!   We taught tons and tons of lessons and set an area record for new investigators in this area.
We have three people preparing for baptism already, and have a few more that will be getting to that point this next week.   It is so awesome to see the fruits of our labors.

Remember what I am always talking about, about members helping out!?   Well, me and my companion did over 50 street contacts this week, and we actually have some potentials from it.   But the best part is... Our ward mission leader (17 years old) gave us a reference, we didn’t have a lot of details, just his name and address.   We went to his house, not knowing what to expect and just started talking.   Turns out he was baptized years and years ago.   He’s 17 now and hasn’t been to church for a long time.   He told us he was just wanting a friend there at the church and he was nervous to go.   We got him all excited to go and what not and I asked him who he knows that we could teach.   Before responding the question he ran out of the room and went upstairs.   He came back with his cousin.   We talked for a bit and ended up teaching the first lesson and invited him to be baptized.   With no hesitation whatsoever he accepted.   We’re also going to start teaching his sister and two friends!

I can’t remember if I have already written about the lady where we did a street contact.   We talked to the lady for like a minute and she started crying.   She said she didn’t know why she was crying, just because she felt good.   We taught her this week and she cried during the entire lesson.   When we were talking about Joseph Smith I got to the first vision.   The spirit was so strong after I finished I looked at the lady, she was BAULING like a baby, my companion was in tears, as was I.   We both bore testimony and she said she knows it’s true.   The only problem is she owns a bar.   We taught the lesson there in the bar (with no one there).   The funny part is no one would enter until after we left.   There were like 25 people waiting to enter and finally did after we left.

The experiences we are witnessing are incredible.   My ``son`` is growing up so fast.   We’ve only been together for two weeks but it feels like forever. I love this place.
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
e-chat excerpts  --   Kyler is in blue
Oh. I can’t even imagine snow......... I have been sweating for 7 months straight!!! 
I know.. it's weird huh?!!   It reminds me of when I would talk to Lynelle in the winter when she lived in Florida, after shoveling and being so cold and she'd have her air conditioner on!  ha ha ha   The days are warm right now but the night's and early mornings are chilly - sweater weather.  I'm not ready for winter -- I don’t want to be cold!!!   Remember that apartment we did that we had to wade through knee deep snow and it took 1.5 hours to drive to each way?  It took 4 hours to do a 1 bd apt!   LOL    The only thing good about that was the time with you!
What is the name of the area you are in?  I want to find you on google maps!
What is horrible about the LAN you're at?
All of the letters are faded off the keyboard and it’s HHOOOTTT!!!

But look how fast the time is going -- it'll be, like, tomorrow when you see him next!!  
I decided I’m going to work with cars for sure when I get home. I don’t know what area but cars is my thing!!
Here in two months we will be able to skype!!!  :)   As long as president lets us again!
YES!!!   Today will be awesome.   We have a family home evening with the stake president - with all of the missionaries from our zone! I don’t even know what we’ll be doing there, but it should be fun!

I’m pretty sure we’re be leaving here in just a little bit.
It was so great to talk to you!!
Love you mom!!!

I love you mom, ALOT!!!