October 22, 2013

Email 10-7-13

This week was pretty ..strange.. 
As we are opening an area, the other missionaries that were here left us nothing at all.   We went to the house of one of the two names they left us, of a girl that ``was ready for baptism`` and she cut us.   She told us she didn’t want anything to do with the church and asked us not to go by anymore.
The other name they gave us was of a guy that was baptized when he was eight years old, just like most kids that grew up in the church.   He told us he was forced to be baptized by his parents and didn’t really want to.   So, he wants to be re-baptized.   I called the mission president and the bishop and everything but they said there isn’t really anything we could do.   I understand where he is coming from but I think he should be grateful for the opportunity he had when he was young.   Ha ha   I don’t want to be the one to break the news to him. 
With all of that said.. We will have to start completely new.   It will be what we did in my other area,  Take an area that hasn’t had a baptism in months and make magic happen. 
I’m excited to be able to help my trainee.   He’ll be able to see the results of turning a dead ward into a baptizing ward.   I know that’s not what it’s all about, but that’s what will get the ward excited.   There are over 300 members in the ward with an average of 40 that go every week.   It’s ridiculous. 
We have been doing some studying about prayer and decided to make our prayers very very specific.   We prayed in the morning to find a couple, with two kids to teach.   We were doing contacts one day with that prayer in mind, looking for men that maybe we could talk to.   We were passing a market as a guy drove up on his motorcycle.   We kind of stood there awkwardly waiting for him go take his helmet off and we started talking to him  . We got done with the regular contact and I asked him who he lives with.   He said. `` with my wife and kids``   YES!   I asked how many kids he had and he said..... three. It was awesome.   We were hoping for two and got three.   It was a testimony builder in two ways.   We prayed for a family with two kids and got three.   But I also learned we need to be more specific in our prayers because it turns out, they don’t live in our area.   It was kinda funny, but it really helped alot. 
I don’t really have very many stories to tell right now, as we basically just did contacts this week in preparation for the weeks to come. 
I’m so glad I’m here and for the opportunity I have to serve.
This church is true. There is no doubt about that.
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

I hate the time difference!! Ha ha ha... I keep getting so mixed up..
It´s 4:30 my time here. I don’t think we’ll be able to talk today. I’m bummed but I know there’s always NEXT WEEK! ;)

And if not it’s okay too!    Because you know why???
I hope everything is going as planned in life right now.
I am definitely noticing the blessings in my life for me being here right now and I hope you guys are noticing them too!
There are so many blessings in my life I don’t even have room to hold them. I love it.
I just passed the ten month mark two days ago.. WOW!!
I don’t know why the letters changed right now... but just know that I love you so much and I thank you for everything that you have done, are doing, and will do!!    You guys are literally the best ever!!!!!
But next week, I think we might come early.. we’ll either come at two our time or like ten our time.   It depends if we watch a movie or not.   So either SIX in the morning there or TEN in the morning YOUR TIME.     luvvv yuhhh
(from Shannon - I will gladly began my traditional "(when I'm home) Monday staring at the computer screen, continually clicking the 'get mail' button"  at 6 AM !!!    :)   It will be my pleasure!!! )   
leaving right now.
love you more than you can imagine.
until next week!!! ;)