May 12, 2014

Email 5-4-14

This week was awesome! I just wanted to share an experience of some investigators! 

So, this couple we are teaching, the man went to church with us last week without his ``wife`` and during this last week we left the Book of Mormon with them to read and pray about it. We left 3 ne 11.   She started it and read until Chapter 30!!!   She said, `` I’m not even going to pray about it, because I know for a fact that it´s true. There is no way that a man could have invented this.  This book is TRUE!``   We continued to teach them this week and they BOTH went to church on Sunday. She got home from church all excited about it and wanted to share her feelings with her friend! She called her and started to tell her about the church. Then her friend started to talk bad about the church, and the missionaries, and told her to burn the book. She said,  ``I’m not even going to listen what she said, because she is a human, and God already told me that this book and the church are true!`` 

I was thinking.. what if she had gone to church last week WITHOUT a testimony of the book, and her friend talked bad about it... we probably would have lost them.. But God knows what he´s doing.  He let her go one more week to know of the truthfulness of the book, and now is converted for life!! 

We grabbed their documents yesterday and we´ll go to that does marriages to get them married and baptized!   They´re super elect!   And our Bishop bore his testimony about missionary work and how we need to give our very best to the missionaries, like Food and references and what not.   G and K, (the couple) invited us to lunch at their house on Tuesday!!

K´s mom who was going to go to church too, but got sick was super mad when we got to their house on Sunday.   I asked her if everything was okay and she said, ``NO NOTHING IS OKAY``

I asked what was wrong and she started crying.  She was sad they both had gone to church and loved it while she was at home alone with nothing to do!   THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!

Love every one of you!´
Elder Kyler Blane Farr