April 28, 2014

Email 4-28-14

Okay.. Well the way I thought transfers was going to go..... I was way way wrong.. I stayed in the area, and I’m training a new Zone Leader. He is Elder B from Ohio. He only has 9 months on the mission and is the youngest Zone Leader. He´s way excited about the work, but we´ll see how it goes. 
This week was good. We were going to have the baptisms of L and N but their parents were out of town still and weren’t there to authorize it. We´ll be going by there this week to confirm everything getting it ready for next week.
We taught a man that is super active in his church. We taught the restoration to him and he understood it super well and said he would go to church on Sunday. We told him to be there at 10 for the meeting.. The only problem was a man in the ward died this week and his funeral was put for Sunday morning.. super weird.. So the stake president remarked our meeting for the afternoon. So when the guy got there for church on Sunday.. the meeting wasn´t happening and there was a dead body in the church. Weird.. We explained everything to him and ended up taking him to a different ward to waith the meeting. It was an interesting situation, but everything worked out. And he loved the church.  He noticed how organized everything was, and how everything makes sense.
I´m super sad that Elder E was transferred. Out of all my companions he was the one that I got along with the best!  (His former comp, Elder E was sent as a ZL to Caucaia)
We also had some super good people at church this week, and will be marking a bunch of baptisms for the weeks to come.
I´m not sure how this transfer will go, but I’m hoping for the best!! Ha ha
There were some other things that I was going to write, but I am not remembering what it was right now...  umm.... and these computers where we are don’t have a memory card input, and they don’t have adaptors so you´ll have to wait another week to get pictures!!
But have a great week and be happy!!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
In response to my question of whether he had been mugged or not, He replied, "Nope!   Everyone is like half my size.. We still have to be super careful because someone with a gun isn’t really scared of me. Ha ha., but we just stay out of the dangerous areas at night. "
Elder Kyler has been out 1 year and 7 months next Monday!!   I wrote him that in some ways it has zoomed but in other ways it feels like he's been gone forever!   He replied,"  That´s how I feel.    I knew the mission would be tough, but I never imagined it would be as hard as it has been.   I guess it depends on the missionary, and the place that you serve.  But me, here, it´s been tough.   I´m getting the hang of it though.   Every day I learn something new.   I feel like I’m preparing myself well for my future."
I replied with something to the effect that we've never really known just how hard it's been for him because his attitude is so great and we love how he has accepted each challenge and is true to himself while serving and putting God first.  And that we're so happy that while he is working hard there, he is also looking ahead and working hard to become the man he is to be.  And his last message sent today was this:
I´m still HERE, know that! :) while I’m here, I’ll be HERE!  
I’ll always have a good attitude in the service of my Heavenly Father!
It´s hard at times, but it´s so worth it!   It´s great.   Have a wonderful week, and remember to be happy!     
Love you bunches!   Send my love to everyone else too! :)