October 1, 2014

Email 9-22-14

This week was awesome! Ha ha ha    We had some big news at church! We had the Stake President come and make some changes...

Our Branch here will change.. Instead of having all of the meetings on Sunday, we´ll change it to having the classes on Saturday evening with just Sacrament meeting and Gospel Principles on Sunday.. Weird HUH!? Just like the old days.. right? Ha ha

I gave the lesson…. (is that how you say it.. ?) in Gospel principles.. I taught the class.. there we go! Ha ha ha about eternal families and I had the Branch President’s wife bear her testimony and share her experience of sealing with her family in the Recife temple. She cried, and a family of investigators cried too! It was awesome.
I just realized how thankful for the Opportunity that we have to be able to live with our family forever. There are some things that will have to change so that we can ALL make it there together, but I know it is possible. We sang the hymn ``families can be together forever`` also, and it was awesome.
We have two family home evenings planned for tonight.  One with a couple where the wife is less active and they will get married for her ``husband`` to be baptized and the other one
a family of four that loves the church meeting and are already married. They loved the Idea that their family will not be broken up after death,  that they will be able to continue on, learning and growing.

They realized that it is ONLY possible through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!
I love this Gospel.    It makes so much sense.

If you want to know if it´s true, PRAY ask God. He is waiting to answer your prayer. But you have to pray with faith.. okay!?

It´s a bummer that when we finally get the hang of things, it´s when our time is running out. I love the Brazilian people. I´m grateful for everything they have taught me and how God used me to help them. I know I have a bunch of time left.. ha ha and I’m not trunky!   But I’ve just been thinking about all that I’ve done and all that I still have to do.
I know that this is the only true Church on the face of this earth. The ONLY one with the Priesthood power and authority of God to make covenants with him. Things that count here on earth and that God will recognize too.
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr