October 1, 2014

Email 9-29-14


So, remember how we were opening that city that has never ever had missionaries in it ever??    We had some problems.. Like, the mission was looking to rent a place for the church meetings to be held and our mission President called Salt Lake to ask them about it and they told him that that was not the way it worked.  That it was the Stakes job to rent a place, not the missions.. so until they get that figured out we´re not allowed to go back!    Ha ha
Way less stress on my part..   Bummer that we won’t see the work continue yet.. but now we´ll be able to focus on Itapipoca.

The interview of a woman that we will baptize was made yesterday and she passed.. :)    And she´ll be baptized on Saturday.   Her husband has a really closed mind and heart, but little by little we´ll be working with him..

Nothing super out of the ordinary happened this week that I can remember..
An Elder that lives with us goes home this week......he’s way trunky and unfortunately it´s wearing off on me.. I’m doing my best!   but it´s hard.. ha ha ha
We have another possible baptism this week.. the guy went out of town, but if he gets back in time he´ll get dunked in the water.   He´s a like 70 year old man that has been an English teacher for like 40+ years.   He started going to our English classes and he´s like my best friend now and he´s already been taught everything. We´ll see how that goes though.
Glad to know everything is well back there!    Hope everyone is well!! :)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr