March 30, 2013

Email 3-12-2013

I’m here safely in Brazil! The plane ride was amazing. They just told us that we can only be in contact with family through e-mail though. So I guess forget about what I had said before about me being able to e-mail others!

I haven’t met my companion yet, but they said that all of the new trainers are Brazilian. I’m so excited to meet him and see what our living situations are like and where we live and what not!

The plane ride was awful, I wasn’t able to sleep at all unfortunately. We got confirmation from our mission president to watch Disney movies though.   So, that helped the time pass by quickly.

I’m so excited to be here!!!!! I don’t understand a thing.. But with a native companion it should come pretty quickly. Everyone is telling us that its cold outside compared to how it usually is, but I haven’t stopped sweating since we got here. Literally, we went to the mission home and I was drenched! It’s so gross. They require us to shower twice a day though so we can try and stay clean! Only cold showers though of course. :) Which I think will actually be nice with how hot it is!

President S____ and his wife are amazing! They’re nice.. from what we can understand of them. They just have some of the elders translate for us.   I’m sorry I didn’t get to call from Sao Paulo, we were so busy trying to get where we needed to.   We actually got lost like three times because we couldn’t understand where anyone was telling us to go!!   Ha ha   it was awesome......................

My bag broke again! Now the lever to roll the bag won’t extend out!   I’ll have to see about getting new ones here or something. Maybe I’ll be okay until I leave.   Depending on the transfer situations.   But, the trip was awesome. The people are awesome. The weather sucks. But I’m so happy to be here and finally learn this language and give Fortaleza my all! :)    

Estou animado porque estamos aqui finalmente.   (I’m excited because we’re finally here!)

I love you all, I’m so glad we got to talk on the phone!   P-day is Monday too just so you know. So, I might be hand washing some clothes until then!!   You’re all awesome. I love you all!   Can’t wait to hear from you again.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr