March 30, 2013

Email 3-24-2013

Elder Kyler’s letter               3-24-13

Okay, so I haven’t really had anything super crazy happen to me yet. But, we’re teaching tons of people. The baptism for M____ got rescheduled for Saturday, I’m so excited for that! It’s going to be super awesome.

So, we were at a work party for one of our lunch appointments, and we got a phone call to go to a house. I didn’t understand what was going on, so I just followed my Elder P____  :) . We got there, and there’s this boy on a bed shaking like crazy, and having a super difficult time breathing. We got him to sit up, count to 5. I was just praying the whole time that he would be okay. Then the elder’s quorum president gave him a blessing of comfort. Immediately after the blessing he calmed down. It was insane. He was able to talk and interact. It was so cool to see the work of our Heavenly Father like that. They were all so grateful he was okay, as was I.  What caused it, they think, was at the ward party they had churrasco, Brazilian Barbecue. And they think he ate way too much. Which I think we all did!

I’ve made a friend here. I don’t know his name, But I don’t think he even knows his own name. Every time we pass him in the street he walks up to us and starts talking to me. Not to Elder P____. It’s so funny. I don’t have any idea what he is saying. I can pick out some phrases and words, but it’s all history from there. He’s so nice. I always try to bring up the gospel, but he always has way too much to say.

I haven’t accustomed to the weather yet! Ha ha I don’t think I ever will. That’s funny about what Dad said about not needing water, just a bar of soap, but it’s true, I would be all rinsed off in no time at all too!!! I’m getting used to the sweat, and I think my body is too. I had this weird rash for a few days on my legs, I guess from sweat, but its gone now! But, what I’m not used to are the mosquitoes!!! Elder P____ thinks they just love my American blood. I use repellent every morning and every night, but it doesn’t seem to help.

And, I had a nasty blister on my foot. And it was just about to go away, then another one formed on top of it! AAHHH it doesn’t really hurt, its just uncomfortable, and annoying to have to deal with that while trying to work.

I was sitting on my bed reading the first letter you sent, I got to the part about Grannie, and I started thinking about home and all you guys. Then I started feeling sorry for myself, then I thought.. What am I doing... I’m on the Lords time. I can’t waste it sitting here feeling sorry for myself!! So I got up, and started reading my scriptures. I’ve started only studying in Português, I think it will help me learn much faster. I was talking to a lady yesterday and she said it’s going to be hard for me to learn, because everyone here talks wrong. For example, the words ``por causa que`` ends up being ``cowski`` it’s so hard to understand!

I’m doing more street contacts now, and teaching more of lessons; the gospel of Jesus Christ and the restoration. In my 12-week training program, those are the lessons they had me teach the past week. Elder P____ helps me out with that too. He’s great. The language is coming more and more every day. My companion and I can talk more, and relate to one another. It makes the mission more fun, when you can communicate with him. Ha ha. I’m loving my time here so far!

We have some more people we’re teaching, getting ready for baptism. They all have their issues, but when they’re ready, they’re ready.. I am having so much fun! I’m already learning more than I had ever imagined!!

The people are great. I’m getting used to the weather. We went to a medical store today, and they have a scale. I’ve lost 13 pounds since I’ve been in Brazil. That’s basically one a day! Probably all from sweating so much.

The members think I don’t like their food because I don’t eat as much as my comp. But I literally eat as much as I possibly can, to make them happy. Or else they get offended! All is well though!!! Things are great!!

I love you all!! Thanks for writing me :)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

one more.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :)
that's all
Elder Farr

And, all of the computer stuff is in.. uhh guess what!! Português, so I’m not really sure how to send pics.  I’m glad you got my other ones though. :)   hope you like them!!   Ill try to send a few next week.   I’m so happy I’m here.   Feel free to read my letters as a mom, because that’s what you are! You’re MY mom.  I love you.   I love all of you!!   You’re the best family I could have ever asked for.. EVER!

Send my love to everyone else too please. My computer is being timed. I have like three minutes left so I’m going to keep typing until my time is up!  I love you. 

I still miss carpet though!! I can’t lay on the floor here because there’s ants and spiders. I bet I’ll never be scares of spiders in the US again because here, the spiders are like a million times bigger!   And almost every morning we wake up to a cockroach in the bathroom. One was HUGE!  I was scared to kill it.  This is one awesome experience.   I still miss each and every one of you, but I have some growing, understanding, learning to do. I need to have more experiences too!! I love it here.