March 30, 2013

Email 3-4-2013

the pics are from the MTC.  He's sending me CA pics soon.  remember when they took the stuffing out of the bear and his good buddy Elder W____ got inside in it?!!!  One of my favorite pics is him in front of the Provo Temple holding the Flag of Brazil.


4 March 2013


So, guess what!?!? The R____ family changed their baptism to the 15th of March. So, I wont be able to attend. It kinda sucks! I wish so bad that I could be there and share this special time with them. But, it’s so awesome to see the progress that they're making! From not really knowing if they wanted anything to do with the Gospel, to going to church, making friends, and participating. I couldn't ask for anything better. I know this happens all the time when the missionary gets transferred before the baptisms. But I guess that's not what really matters! As long as they get baptized and make that covenant with the lord! They're great people though!

I am so happy that my visa came!! I sent some letters home, but I wrote them all except yours before my visa came. So, I didn't get a chance to mention it!   And, I forgot to send Steve and I's tic tac toe match.  But I sent it in the mail just now actually.   But I got news from everyone from my MTC district and they all got their VISAs too!   I’m so excited to see all of them again!   It's sad that I have to leave here though. The other missionaries are so flippin awesome!   I wish they could come too! 

 I can’t remember if I wrote or not about him before. But while I was on exchanges also, Elder J____ and I taught a lesson to a guy named L____, from Israel, and he’s Jewish, fluent in Hebrew.  But during the lesson on the restoration he was talking about how everything just made sense and how the church felt right.  And just how everything was so amazing.  I got to extend the Baptismal invitation.  That was an awesome experience!! He's getting baptized March 9th.   So, I definitely will get to go to his baptism! That will be awesome too!

Not a whole lot else happened this week. Well that was super, super exciting. We are still teaching the R____ family, we have been reading from the Book of Mormon with them and teaching the lessons.  Because they have a super hard time understanding the scripture language and need help with it. So, we help them out as best as we can! We tracted a whole bunch!   Got a few potentials and hopefully we will see them this week, or they will get contacted next transfer!

All is well!   I'm so happy!   I hope you get the letters soon.   I sent one to you and dad.  And, one to all my siblings too.   If you wouldn't mind giving them out to them I'd appreciate it! I don’t even know what to think right now! I'm so excited. But sad I’m leaving here.

Tomorrow we have an hour of time we get to spend on   (from Shannon – he made a great profile!!!)

I love you all!   I hope we get to talk in the Airport!!

(From Shannon: I was working on the computer when he sent this so we got to e-mail chat for a few minutes.  It was perfectly awesome!  I was so excited; it took several hours to come back down out of the clouds!!)