July 14, 2013

Email 7-1-13


This week was one of the best ones yet. Like I said last week, we had been working with a young woman, helping her get over her fear of water and just helping her realize through prayer she really needed to open the door to the rest of her life as a member of the church. We went on divisions with the zone leaders, and were walking down her street on our way to a different appointment when we saw her. She was just standing there so of course we went over and started talking to her. We got the idea that IF she wanted to, right then we could do her baptismal interview. She was kind of hesitant but she said it would work out. We got everything worked out, got the keys to the chapel, and went and did the interview! She passed! That was on Wednesday and we set the date for the baptism for Saturday morning (because she´s kind of shy and didn´t want there to be tons of people there.) We went to get the Baptismal paper filled out on Thursday, and answered some little questions. We asked her who she wanted to baptize her and she said she was still thinking about it, which was fine, we still had a few days. Friday night we were at a ward party and she wasn´t there so we called her. She couldn’t go for some reason, but she said on the phone that she wanted me to baptize her. It was so cool! We got there on Saturday and everything went just as planned. It was a miracle how everything all worked out perfectly.

Like three weeks ago I kicked one of the bed posts super hard and I broke my big toe nail. I didn't think anything of it but the past two weeks it has been looking pretty gross. It got super ingrown. I didn't want to go to the doctor to get it cut so I just kept putting it off. I left it for about two weeks. It was super nasty. I guess my companion had had enough with it so he made me call the mission secretaries. They got an appointment set up and we went. It was on Saturday. As soon as we got there to the mission office (which is pretty close to the doctor’s office) it started to rain pretty hard! We had 30 minutes to walk to the other office and it was about a 20 minute walk. As we started walking it began to pour down rain SUPER HARD! We didn't have a choice but to just keep walking. We got about half way there, we were soaking wet, and still had a ways to go. We decided to wait under a cover on the sidewalk and see if it would let up. It didn't, but what did happen was the water started running down the street that we had to cross! It was like a nightmare. We debated how we were going to do it and just decided to cross right there. There was a good six inches of water but it had to be done. :) We were completely soaked from head to toe when we got there. Dripping wet, standing in the lobby, the lady called me back. I told her I was wet and didn't want to get everything else wet too. She said it wasn't a problem so I just sat down. I took off my shoes, put them up on the leg rest and she began taking off my socks! I was so embarrassed, but her face was priceless! She took my socks off and rung out all of the water and just started laughing. She operated and took a huge chunk of toenail from the side of my toe. It was super gross but it´s healing up nicely now. I´ll remember that day for the rest of my life!

Our stake president, (who is actually American. He served his mission here forever ago, married a Brazilian and now they have lived here for like 20ish years) told us that after this transfer we will be getting new missionaries in our areas. So depending on where my companion and me go, either way there will be one companionship in Cidade Oeste and one in JerusalĂ©m. He promised the ward this, but I guess we´ll see for sure at transfers next week! :)

The work is still progressing nicely here. My and my comp. have an awesome relationship! I love the mission. I´m learning so much, and wouldn´t trade it for anything.

Have a great week :)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr!

A little more from Elder Kyler:    1 July 2013

BTW I saw a thermometer here that said 40 degrees Celsius in the sun. What does that convert to??   (104 degrees F)   I didn’t think it was that hot here!! I figured like 90´s with humidity.. 104!  freak...   yeah, I just saw the thermometer in the road... With humidity at like 50%......... SO HOT

there’s a bit of a breeze right now though, which cools it down a tad.   The humidity level is usually between 50 and 70%

ha ha ha the hot season is only about..... 12 months out of the year!   It´s the same all year round, with 3 months of rain, but it´s worse because of the humidity. ;)   I´m definitely more adjusted though, not that that really means anything though; everyone is always sweaty.

(B_____ just said to tell you that he's glad you went on your mission!!)   ha ha, tell B______ I’m glad I’m here too! 

(in response to our joy on his being asked to Baptize her)  It was awesome; the hardest thing was trying to remember her full name! The names of the people here are so long and hard to remember! It all worked out though. I forgot to write in the e-mail, that we saw her paying her tithing at church yesterday!!!!!!! Best feeling ever! I love it.

(in response to our concern on the painfulness of his toe and walking on it all day)   it hurt so bad!! But the thought of them cutting it seemed worse! It was bad, but not like I thought it would have been.   After I got my toe operated on we took one afternoon off, but now I’m walking on it all day, but it´s better than it was. I had to take a shower with a bag over my foot too. Ha ha

(in response to the Milanesa he made)    I used a type of flour, I forgot the name, it wouldn’t matter though, it would have a different name there! It´s like little fine breadcrumbs. And they don’t have saltines anyways ha ha.   Elder V_______ from Paraguay already knew about it, it was a little different from how they do it there. I don’t know how they do it, but he´ll make it for me this week. 

(in response to the possible changes next transfer with the new Elders and the 2 wards they are currently covering)   No one knows with our mission president, they might close an area; It´s impossible to tell. 

(in response to the picture of him and the Ward Mission Leader in Jatobá)  Most of the leaders in the church are super young here. That WML is like 35 but most of them are recent return missionaries, like 25 years old, or even younger. .It’s cool though, they still have that young spark for missionary work.