July 14, 2013

Email 7-8-13

Today I thought that i would have some super super exciting news having to do with the transfers.  It didn’t really end up like we all thought it would. Ha ha. I stayed here in our areas.  And so did Elder B_____. We are staying companions and staying in BOTH of the areas. Our mission president and the stake president have been talking about how they would definitely be split but there are 18 missionaries in the stated waiting for visas. So, maybe they will get here during this next transfer, or maybe not. We’ll see. 

This week we had a fourth of July party. I forgot my camera to send the pictures, but next week I’ll remember it for sure. We went to the store, (the big one where we trust the food) :)  And bought a bunch of ground beef and made giant hamburgers. We ate them with pineapple and barbecue sauce that we found too. It was the first time that Elder V_______ (from Paraguay) had ever eaten hamburgers like that. We made an awesome video and Elder V_______ yells WELCOME TO AMERICA!!! but it’s too long to send so I guess you’ll see it when I get home. :)

We finally got all of the details worked out to get into our new house and today we started moving all of our stuff there. We got all of our bags over there and all of the furniture should be getting there today or tomorrow. So, we might be staying at our old house if the stuff doesn’t get there. Either way is fine. But Elder J____ that lived with us, he got transferred and Elder V_______ will train a new missionary that will arrive tomorrow night. 

Everything was good this week, we were working with a bunch of people that all seemed interested   during the first few lessons but now they are seeming less and less interested every time we go. It’s sad, and we pretty much visited everyone in our ``teaching pool`` last week trying to help them out, but none of them wanted to hear or accept it. So, this next week we’re going to focus on the people that are prepared, and leave the others that don't want it right now. We will be making tons and tons of contacts, and making news. It’s the one thing that almost no-one likes to do, but it is necessary to have people to teach! Ha ha. It’s weird too, because everyone gives us looks in the road like we’re from another planet, and if we stop and talk to them they always get all freaked out. But we’re excited to increase our teaching group this week and give people the opportunity to accept the truth.

We have been going by N_______ house and re-teaching some of the lessons to help her stay firm in the church. She has been going to institute and our family home evenings. It’s cool to see someone get introduced to the Gospel and see them grow. No one in her family are members of the church, and go to another church ``sometimes`` so we’ll see what we can do about that situation!

Congrats to F_____! That’s insane!! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of anyone going where they really wanted to! He’s going to love it! My comp.’s brother served in Russia too and loved it.
I have gotten tons of the pictures that you’ve sent. I’m not sure how many you’ve sent, so I don't know if I’ve gotten all of them or not.
And we got a phone call from the ZL´s and they said they had a package for me. So Wednesday I should get that from them.
People here want to see some pics of the snow! If you could send me one or a few, that’d be great.

And L___ wanted some advice for a missionary coming to Brazil. Get used to eating the same thing every day, the heat, and cold showers. And, get ready to meet some of the most humble people in the world.  It’s great! :)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr