July 14, 2013

Email 6-24-13


This week was pretty much all over the place. We finally got a house found. We got all of the paperwork done for it, and we should be moving into it this next week or the week after. It’s awesome. It’s not that big but it’s so clean and just got done being remodeled!

We have been working with N_____ this past week. She stopped drinking coffee and realized that she really was addicted. People think that it’s just nothing, and it can’t do bad... WRONG! Anyways, She was already taught everything and knows it all to be true for herself; the only thing stopping her from being baptized was her fear of water. It ended up working out perfectly because in the Liahona that just came out there is an article about a child that had a fear of water because they almost drowned when they were little, the same exact situation with N_____. We shared it with her and she realized that it really isn't as big of a problem as she thinks, and all we need to do is ask for strength from our Heavenly Father and our trials become nothing that can stop us from doing what’s right. She also has to take medicine every weekend for some medical reason, and it puts her in a lot of pain on Saturday and Sunday. She said it literally is not possible for her to go to church because of the pain. We testified to her that if she has the faith that with the Lord's help, she would overcome it. She said she would try it. I didn't think anything of it, people always say they will do things and never do them. We got to church on yesterday and guess what!?!? She was THERE! It was awesome. It was a miracle.

I was on exchanges with Elder V_______, from Paraguay. (One of the missionaries that live with us.) And he remembered this house that he stopped at in our area about 4 months with one of the missionaries that were there before us. We got to the house and I recognized it to be one of the names they had left for us. We had tried stopping by numerous times, trying to find them in home, but it never worked out! Elder V_______ was pretty persistent on knocking it, so we did. She ended up being there and she was so excited! Turns out she has been taught everything too. She wants to be Baptized but she has to get married first. But, her ``man`` doesn't want to. It´s very difficult, but we´ll be stopping by there again this next week with a super awesome lesson on families, and how they can be together forever. The first step is marriage. I love teaching Eternal families, I know how important it is, and how it can bring people joy and happiness.

The Bishop of one of our wards came up to us this week and said, Elders.. I have a list of people here that don't exist. Can you go and make sure that they really do not exist for me!? I felt like it was the biggest waste of a day at the time. We walked for a good four hours straight going from one corner of our area and all across it. It was ridiculous. ha ha we were both pretty annoyed, but as I look back on it now, we encountered so many people to teach that day! Most of them really didn´t exist, or live there anymore, but a few of them did. Those few made it all worth it!

This makes me think of a story one of the Elders gave for one of our lunch messages one time. We were eating with a fisherman. The Elder wanted to relate fishing to the message and at the end, he started talking about how us, as missionaries use a net to find people to teach, But when we have help from the members our net gets much larger! I liked how he related that. But it is so true, help from the members helps us find the ``elect`` of God!

We did watch the transmission, they tried to get it in English but it didn't work out. It was super good though! I loved it.

We usually only make real food on p-day, like today we made a roast! It was just like Sunday dinner back home! But I don't think we´ll be making it anymore.. It was too good! :)

It is the same garlic salt that you sent me in Cali too! I´ve kept it until now. And there is still a ton left.

We were standing on our chairs to get a ``top view`` of the food.

The red head is Elder J____, and the dark haired one is Elder B_____ ( my comp. )

We do have Lunch appointments every day still with the members, and they don't even have tortillas here! Elder V______ made them and they were pretty much just like fry bread. Nothing like the tortillas they eat there in the states.

And, the American food is expensive everywhere here!

I think I got all of your questions answered! I hope everyone had a good week! I´m so excited B_____ is there too! Haaaave a good one!!

Love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr