September 16, 2013

Email 8-5-13

You’ll never guess!   It’s actually cold today!!


It actually feels like every day is hotter than the day before.   It’s crazy.

But, this week was pretty good.   We went to () house to finalize everything for her baptism. 
We got there and this man was there that ``wanted to speak to us in respect to her baptism.``   Turns out it was her dad that doesn’t even live here.    He’s not even a big part of her life.   It’s sad, but that’s why she lives with her grandma next to all of her family members.   So, we sat down and start talking about how prayer was the biggest part of her decision to be baptized and how she prayed, and got an answer to do it.   He started talking about how when they were talking about (() and her dad) that she confessed everything about how she really wasn’t ready.   The whole time her dad was talking, she was looking at him rolling her eyes.   He made up a huge long story just because he doesn’t want her to be baptized yet.   We actually ended up teaching him all of the commandments, and about Baptism.   He said he has nothing against our church and he knows it is important to be Baptized, but she needs to wait a little bit.   We tried explaining to him that baptism is just the start.   It is a doorway that needs to be open to then experience all of the other wonderful things in the gospel.   He was pretty firm on his answer.   It is super discouraging!   There were three people in my last area that were prepared for baptism but their parents wouldn't let them.   And like two weeks ago the girl that is not even allowed to talk to us because of her dad.   We have done everything we can think of but nothing is working out!

The Bishop of one of our wards took us to lunch the other day, and while we were there he gave us a reference!   It was a miracle!!!   It was of a family where the parents are members but the kids are not.   They have been inactive for like five or six years.   Anyways, we stopped by there; we went in and just started talking.   We pretty much just wanted to set up a time to go back again because we had another appointment. We ended up talking for quite a while as they showed us all of their baptism pictures, all of their old church books and manuals.   It was really cool.  As we were getting ready to leave Elder () stood up to put on his backpack on and the dad freaked out!   He said ``sit down! We have to say a prayer before you go!``   (all in Portuguese though)  :)   It was awesome.   We tried contacting them during the end of the week but it never worked out  so we just decided to go Saturday night and re-invite them to church.   They said it would be okay if we stopped by Sunday morning to get them before Church.   So, we went there at 8:30 Sunday morning, for church that started at 9.   He said they were getting ready to go and they would be there in like fifteen minutes.   It was all working out perfectly until they didn’t go...........

I am learning patience! I really don't know what to do differently!   It was just one of those weeks.   One of the weeks where you learn a ton, but don't see the results of your work.   It happens though.   We just have to keep on keeping on and everything will work out for the best!

Have a good week!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr