January 14, 2014

Email 12-30-13

So, this was our first real week here in our new area. We pretty much got to know all of it, and got the real working done! Ha ha. . but for real..

The beginning of the week started off kind of slow due to Christmas and everybody leaving, and there being NO ONE in the street. But we still did work anyways.

We spent Christmas eve at a members house and they made us an awesome soup and gave us a bunch of coke. (of course) Then Christmas day we ate lunch at the same members house and we got there while they were talking to their son who is also on the mission. It was way cool.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the days! We worked our butts off. But one thing in particular happened that was awesome. Our lunch appointment called and said it would be delayed a little bit and she said she would call when it was done because we live super close to her. So we were kind of sitting there awkwardly waiting for the call and my comp said, ``lets go contact some people in the street while we´re waiting`` So we left.. He asked where I thought we should go, but since I’m training him I left that decision up to him. :) We walked down one street, NOTHING. Then we stopped at the corner.. he looked around not seeing anyone.. then said, ``lets go back.`` Then we walked down the same street that we had already walked down. I was really confused and kind of mad, because at noon it´s super duper hot outside. But! As we were walking down the street again he stopped in front of a house, looked it at for a little bit, then knocked it. A lady came to the door and I wanted him to try and contact her (as he is still learning Portuguese.) He did his best, and she pretty much understood everything, but then I took over for him. Turns out, my companion is legit! He was super inspired. This lady lives with her husband and two kids. AND THEY´RE ACTUALLY MARRIED. It’s a miracle.   It’s so rare to see a couple  living together that are legally married. Just like God intended it to be. And one of the kids plays soccer at the church every week. It was awesome. We only taught them once, but they already accepted the baptismal invitation. I’m excited to go back this week and teach some more.

Usually I write this big letter first, then my letter to president in Portuguese after. But today I switched the order.. So I’m like thinking in Portuguese trying to write in English so if this letter is weird of hard to understand, you know why! Ha ha

I´m kinda short on time, but I’ll send all of the pics of the baptisms in my last area.


OH YEAH!  we got to district meeting on Wednesday! CHRISTMAS! and the zone leaders were there with my package! YES! It was awesome. I loved EVERYTHING IN IT. But that album.. TRUNKY!.. ha ha ha It was awesome. Thanks a ton!!!! I love the ties too! And my comp said thanks a ton! :) :)

Well I was going to attach the photos, but it´s not working.... They won´t connect. I´ll get it to work next week for sure though!

have a good week.