January 14, 2014

Email 1-6-14

mmkay! This week was great!!
So, every single day we walk down this same street and almost every time we see this same man sitting on the side of the road.   We talk to him all the time, and mark to teach with him but something always comes up.   We marked for Sunday, (yesterday) to go teach him and got held up for a super long time at lunch.  We were thinking of not going because he´s old and usually old people don’t want to change.  I kept having this strong feeling to go teach him.  But after lunch it was SO HOT and I got a massive headache, but we headed over there praying.  I clapped outside of his house and a lady came.  She told us that the man was her dad and he was sleeping.. Then without thinking I asked her to go wake him up . She got kind of surprised and said, ``uhhh I guess so.`` and left.  She came back downstairs like two minutes later with her dad.  He was so excited to see us.  He said he was beginning to think we weren’t going to stop by.  His name is ‘L’ and he is a very very simple man.  So teaching, we have to teach super simply for him to understand.  So we started.. and we got the Great Apostasy.  I related when Jesus and all of the Apostolos died, the church fell on to the ground and broke.   And it broke into tons and tons of pieces.   People took the pieces that they liked and started their own churches from the parts they liked.  But none of the churches had all of the pieces, or all of the truths, until Joseph Smith restored the church. When he restored it, it was like he took all of the pieces and glued them together perfectly and once again we have ALL OF IT, we have all of the truths.   L got so excited.   He said, ``all my life I have been thinking the Catholic church is true, but now from what you’ve told me, it’s pretty obvious it’s not, of course your church is true, because it has a Prophet, Apostoles, and the Priesthood.``   He’s legit.   The only problem is he has been living with his ``wife`` for 43 years unmarried, and she doesn’t want to get married legally.   He has tried several times and won’t. And, she ``doesn’t like the mormons```  We´ll keep working with him, he wants it so bad!   But it makes things so difficult.   There is one thing that is so simple that God wants us to do, and people don’t do it.   One thing that I have gained a testimony of since I’ve been here.

Lots of awesome things happened this week, but remember that awesome family we found last week??  yeah.. we stopped by their house EVERY single day this week and they were never home.   And we stopped by their house before church and they were just leaving...  We found a perfect family to help, and someone is working really really hard against us to not make it happen. We’ll keep doing our part though, with fast and prayer and it’ll work out.

My old companion just sent me a picture of ``l``. he was baptized Saturday!!   It’s great to see people being baptized, knowing you helped them, to get there.   I remember inviting him to be baptized on the first visit! :)   His story is LOOONGGGG but remember to ask me about it here in 11 months! :)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

I’m good!!!   Ha ha ha   today it is SO HOT!!!   Yesterday too.    Hotter than it’s been since I’ve been here!          90 degrees and 60% humidity    I want 23 degrees!!  (like us)     Ha ha  sometimes when we defrost our freezer here we make snowballs! :)  Just to get that cold hand feeling

chinela  just means sandal      EVERYONE uses them here. The only time people use shoes is going to school or church! Ha ha     you should see the clothes people wear around here in this weather.. people don’t even know what a shirt is.  The only time men put on shirts is when we start talking about Jesus!   .

Giving trainings every week,. and doing baptismal interviews!   Ha ha I like it    Yeah the training are normal.. We spend most of the time practicing our teaching    love you mmomm!!! :)