February 2, 2014

Email 1-20-14


This week was so good!!

Remember that thing that people say when a missionary hits a year everyone stops writing them?? Ha ha it´s true. But thanks to those faithful ones that keep the letters coming in. :) I appreciate it.

Anyways, Our main man, D went out of town this week and we missed like four days of teaching him. His baptism is marked for this Sunday and depending on when he gets back it should be all good. I remember before he went out of town we were explaining some of the commandments and I was explaining them in detail just to make sure he’s all good with it, and he stopped me and said. ``Dude, stop saying all of this weird stuff, I don't do any of that!" It was pretty funny and a huge relief, hearing that from a 22 year old man. It just goes to show how God prepares people for us even before we meet them. Most of the time the people don't even realize it too, but that´s our job. :)

This week we worked with a lot of Less active members. It´s great to see the ones with the desire to return and live the way we are supposed to. One scripture I always share with them is Alma 34;32-33 . We don't use it to burn people but just to show the importance of using our time wisely. All of the things of this world are good, but the one thing we need to focus on is preparing to meet God. Cars are cool, video games are cool, there are a lot of  ``cool`` things in the world. But are we going to church? Are we STUDYING the scriptures every day? Are we saying our daily prayers? It starts with the small and simple things. I know that if we do these things, it will be a protection for us. We will walk out of our homes protected. We know that when we fulfill the commandments, we are blessed. It´s so simple. Don't look back, just start doing it right now.

 There is not time in the future, for things we can do
I studied Alma 7 a ton this week too. READ IT, and then tell somebody about it!
 I´m serious!

I´m learning, I´m happy, And I can’t wait to continue serving for the rest of my mission.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
(We had a visit from our ward’s Elder and an Elder C from Brasil. They were on splits. Elder C said that there is Portugal Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and then there is Fortaleza Portuguese!! He said it is impressive that Elder Kyler is doing so well with the language because where he is the accent is very heavy, and thick and there is much slang.)

This accent where I am is ridiculous.. I´m kind of jealous of Miclaine because of where he´s at.. They´re all going to make fun of my Portuguese when I get back, because of the slang and the way I’ll be talking. It makes it easier though that we serve with missionaries from other areas of Brasil. I picked up alot of the slang from Curitiba from Elder P though! Ha ha ha

então does mean then.. or so.
so what it meant was..
So.. this week was great! like when people get up to talk in church they say...
Então, today I’m going to speak about... da da da