February 2, 2014

Email 1-13-2014

okay, so this week was.. GREAT! Ha ha.. as always..

We have had some awesome things happen to us in the past week! We were leaving lunch the other day  and this guy stopped us in the middle of the road and asked us if we ``preach`` the word to all types of people. Ha ha of course we said ``YES!``   He was pretty wasted though, and it happens alot. But we wrote down his address and went by there the next day.  Apparently he is having all types of problems, and he has been drinking forever and finally decided he wants a better life.  We taught him the first lesson and you could see it in his eyes how he wanted it so bad . We went back the next day and he wasn´t home.. We went back the day after that and he wasn´t there once again, but his brother was there.   He´s so legit.   He´s married, like for real!   Legally married, it´s so rare.  The only only problem is he plays a HUGE part in his church so he would get alot of trouble from his acquaintances if he came to our church. We taught him about the Restoration and he was super duper interested and really wants to make a visit and see what it´s really like.   I was super happy when we got to know him because one part of our area is pretty rich  but the people are so closed but he wasn´t!   And the other part is really poor but the people are humble. We just want to help everyone though!
We´ve been teaching a guy named D____.   He is a very simple man, but he is so awesome.   He gets so happy every time he sees us!   He has such a desire to learn more about the Gospel.  He went to church and loved it!  The Bishoprich just got switched up here so the ward was kind of mixed up and confusing on Sunday, but D____ loved it anyways!   Imagine how much more he´ll like it when things run the way they should!! :)   If everything goes how it should he will be baptized on Sunday after church!

We were at a ward members house on Saturday just visiting, he tells us to pass by his house every single day to eat dinner.  He´s so awesome.   But we only go like once a week or he gets mad at us.   But we were just chilling there talking and these people bust into his house!   I was so surprised and confused not knowing what was going on, and then a ward member walks in with a birthday cake and they all begin singing happy birthday!   Ha ha ha   it was awesome.  Then we ate pizza and chocolate cake!
Things are going well here.   Everything is pretty normal.. just so hot.  But that´s how it goes.   We´re just getting ripped and tan! ;)    Tem que sofrer para crescer.   (Have to suffer to grow)  hah
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr