September 20, 2014

Email 9-15-14

This week was good...

I spent 4 days on divisions with Elder Borges, from São Paulo and His companion went to work with my companion one day in Itapipoca, one day in Itapajé, and the other day with the other missionaries that live with us. It was way cool.. I arrived here with Elder Borges so it was way cool to catch up with him and work with him!

We had our English class that was way cool, and we got lots of new investigators because of the class. People that went to church and are progressing. Most of them live in the area of the other Elders, but at least they´re going.

We went to the meeting in Itapajé this Sunday...A member went with us and the trip started off great, but the road is ssuupppeeerrr narrow, and really bumpy and there are tons of curves and my companion was in the back seat and got sick and threw up all over the car.. and ha ha there are lots more details but I won’t tell them here cause it´s gross... but we stopped at a Lodge and he got all cleaned up and then went to church.. When we got there guess who showed up!?!? President Bonini..... ha ha ha ha and only 4 of the 6 members went to church! Ha ha   I ended up talking, and President and Sister bonini also gave talks. It was good though!

In the branch we had some awesome investigators that went without us going there that the others told us about. We´ll be teaching them and preparing them for marriage.. ha ha to be able to be baptized!!!!

Things are going to change here.. we just found out that one more companionship will come on Wednesday to stay in Itapajé permanently, and we´ll stay here in Itapipoca instead of traveling there two times a week, because the trip is pretty expensive.. It will be less money to have a companionship living there than to pay for us to go every week..

Thanks for everything!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

PS -- So he told me that there are 2 duplas in the city he's in.  I asked him what a dupla is and he responded with, " I thought dupla was English....  It's companionship!"   I don't know why but that made me laugh so much, but it did!  I love that he's so immersed, he can't even remember what's English and what's Portuguese!    Then he continued with, "I don't have any contact with Americans.  I live with 3 Brazilians.... and so are our zone leaders   ha ha ha