September 10, 2014

Email 9-8-14

Here I am!   This week was good.
 As we are opening the city of Itapajé, we had an Elder of the couple missionary, (Elder S) come and work with us for the day that we went there.   It was fun.  He´s kind of an older fellow so we had to slow down everything a bit for him to keep up with us. He has a super great testimony that helped us with our work.

So we go there in the morning, and our plan was to get back to the bus station at 6 to be able to catch the last one to home. It was funny because at like 3 he was asking if we could start heading back. We just encouraged him and he had a really good attitude about everything. 

Working there is way cool because literally no one knows about the church there, and we´re looking for men to teach and baptize so the group can become a ward and so on. We went the most fancy neighborhood and just started knocking doors and it was actually very productive. We met some people that were super interested in the message that we will follow up with this Thursday when we go back.

We´ll be marrying (not literally – helping them get married ) a couple this week so the wife can be baptized, (here in Itapipoca) but the husband is kind of upset with the branch President and doesn’t want to get baptized YET!   But we´ll keep working with him and it´ll all work out. 

There´s one man here too that has been going to church for like 2 years that has to get divorced to get married to be baptized and he´ll go to Rio de Janeiro to divorce, because that´s where he was married, so we can marry them (help them) here pretty soon too, and baptize them too. 

Working in a group and a branch, the work is a little slower because there are very little members, and the areas are larger so we have to walk more and we don’t get references.. but the Lord´s work will always continue.

We met a really good man this week that we were really excited about but we went to his house to meet with him again and his Aunt answered the door.... and her husband is the Pastor of a little church.. ha ha ha ha so they talked bad about us..
We´re doing our part, and the Lord will always do his part!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes..

In my last ward they were all planning my Birthday party with cake and all that good stuff.. but then I got transferred to the middle of nowhere.. and …. ha ha ha this birthday was just like last years, but that´s okay..     We took snacks to the church and watched a movie, then got milk shakes so it was all good. 

Have a wonderful week! ;)                

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

Oh yeah!   and we were passing in the street and a member wished me happy birthday where he works, in a watch repair shop and his boss heard and wished me happy birthday too... then told me I could pick out any watch I wanted ha ha!   It was cool.   I had bought one from there like two weeks ago.. so now I have two super awesome watches. :)