February 1, 2013

Email 2-1-2013

Querido Família, (Dear Family)
It was soo good to talk to you too!! =) I just wish we had more time! But we'll get to talk more in the airport.. For more time! =)
But yeah, I have all of the letters that I've received in a box in my room, but I'm not really sure what to do with it! I guess I'll just send it home? We can do it here at the mail room. I'm not sure how much it'll cost, but I want to keep them forever! So it'll be worth it. :)
I took a video at the Temple of the view and stuff. What I was thinking was to wait until I get to Anaheim then take a few pics there, then send home the SD card that's in it. So then you'll have all of the MTC pictures and some from CA. I'm going to take pictures of everything in the residence, classroom.. and a few other things :) :) just like you wanted... you'll see!
We have this huge Teddie bear that has been passed down from missionary to missionary, and we decided to put it to good use! We cut the back out of it and took out all of the stuffing, then put Elder Wadsworth in it! It was so funny. I have some pictures and video of our experiences! It was today (p-day) and during personal time. So don't think we were wasting time that was scheduled for something else! Haha.. There are definitely better things to do with your time here though! But three elders and a sister leave tomorrow afternoon, so we decided we better do something fun on our last p-day together!
We did sealings at the Temple today. It was amazing. I'm so glad we did, because there was a couple there with us, that had family names that we got to seal all together. That's one of the most amazing experiences I have had at the Temple.
We're still teaching and learning up until the day we leave. Our investigators that we've been teaching are real people that our teachers are pretending to be. (people that they taught on their missions) and probably today, we get to learn the real conversion story of these people. I'm so excited. It makes the teaching feel more real, because our teachers are answering questions, and following (or not following) commitments just like the investigator would or wouldn't do, in real life!
I'm super nervous/scared to leave here!! This whole thing still hasn't felt real, since we've been here! But last night it finally felt real! I feel super sheltered now too! We are actually going to leave the MTC, and go talk to real people in the real world about this wonderful Gospel. But, now I need to learn more of how to teach in English! I just feel like we are expected to know more when we teach in English. Because if you say something wrong, or mess up, or take a long time explaining things in Portuguese, people will understand because we don't know the language! But in English, we already know the language. I just feel like we are expected to know more, and be able to go into great detail about every single thing. Which means.. I have lots more learning to do! I thought nine weeks is so much time, I'll be able to learn everything there is to it. It just makes me realize that the MTC is only the start of it all! That we need to keep on keepin on. Learning, reading, memorizing, and teaching. I'm glad I found out all of this now! I can do all that I can to make sure I can do my very best possible, to present this Gospel to people in a way that is understandable, and give the people of California, then Brazil, the opportunity to know for themselves of its truth. I love it here. I'm so grateful for the experiences that I've had here, and for the people I've met so far! And I can't wait to have more experiences and meet more wonderful people!!
And, I go to the travel office here, at 5 Am. Go to the airport, then the flight leaves at 8:30. So I should have quite a bit of time to talk there. If you could, make sure that you are home, and able to talk between those times. like 6-8am. On Tuesday!! Feel free to e-mail me about it today, or in the next day or two, because I can check it fast to make sure I have all the information to you that you need to make sure everything goes well!! Or to answer any questions. :) Estou Feliz! (I'm Happy!)
Eu Amo Vocés!! (I Love You!!)
Elder Kyler Blane Farr!!
PS From Shannon - I will send out his new CA address as soon as I get it