February 21, 2013

Letter 2-18-2013

Elder Kyler’s letter                      2-18-13

Okay, I'm not sure how many letters you've sent, but I got one that had handwriting on the back, and I haven't gotten the package yet. Because the zone leaders get the mail on Tuesdays, and hand it out at district meetings on Thursdays. So, I guess it wasn't there last Thurs. but this time it should be! But, no matter what it is I'm sure it will be great!

But, first off, I have a story: okay, one day three missionaries were having a rough day, appointments falling through, people slamming doors in their faces, and just everything was going wrong. They called a less active family to go visit, the family said, "Sure come on by!!" so they went over. But, to their surprise, no one was home!! With all of the bad luck that day, they decided just to walk and tract, and talk to people as they went. But as they were walking, some people drove passed them and said, "are you Mormon missionaries!?" they said, "YEAH, what can we do for you?" Turns out they were home teachers on their way to give someone a blessing. And those missionaries were us! Ha ha. What are the odds that we were just walking towards this house at the exact time the home teachers were!?!? But, in that house, two families live. One of the ladies that lives there, her husband had slept around, got someone pregnant and left.. Left her with three kids. They were all pretty shaken up. But the spirit was our guide, so that we could be there and help them out. They were just as amazed as we were. We asked if they wanted us to leave, if it was too many people or something. But, they said, "no, there's obviously a reason why the spirit led you all the way over here." It was so awesome! With all of the bad things that had happened that day, that one appointment made everything worth it!

Our ward mission leader went to Brazil on his mission and wanted to see how good my Portuguese is, so we started talking. He was amazed.. He said, “you need to get to Brazil already”!! I feel the same way. I am starting to see little things every day though that help my testimony to grow, and maybe some things that I am here in California to do before I get to Brazil. 

I can’t remember how much I've written about the R____ family, the one where the Father only speaks Spanish. But we have been working with the kids; they all came to church yesterday and seemed to love it. We are meeting with them Tuesday.. Well I'm not. I'll be one a one day exchange with the zone leaders. I'm super excited. We have some awesome ZL's. We have some awesome investigators that are progressing nicely. And we've been focusing on less actives. It’s so funny, we have been trying to get a hold of a family for a week or so, and last night we just decided to go by. The wife answered the door and said, " it is so funny that you came by today, because just earlier I was saying to my husband that we need to get back to church." It's just awesome, the little miracles that we witness every day! =) And, the R____ family cancelled for now. But, tonight we're meeting again! Slowly but surely we are getting people to realize what they're missing! 

Tracting continues to not be fruitful.. at all! That's the problem, so many people here in orange county are wealthy, and have no desire to hear the gospel. But some areas that have a lot of Hispanics are open to learn. I love poor humble people. And I can sort of practice my Portuguese on them! It's super fun! :) But, continue to pray for my VISA, and for my Portuguese. And also pray for people for missionaries to teach, here, there EVERYWHERE! It’s hard without help from the members, but, it’s hard all the time. Just depressing with no referrals from the members! Keep on praying..

love you,

Elder Kyler Blane Farr.

Oh, and I haven't necessarily met any of the elders that you mentioned. But, I asked my companions about them and they know who all of them are! And, I have seen some of them around.

I can't wait to get to Brazil! but, yesterday we talked about language study, and I'm going to teach my companion Portuguese. It should be super fun. Just because, helping someone else learn it helps me to solidify it in my mind!! :)

Service is the best thing that we can do out here, just to show that we care about them!! People in California don't know their neighbors so that makes referrals hard!! ahh..... oh well! We are doing the lords will!!

If you see J____at sams club or anything, tell him I’m still waiting for a letter too!!

And I can’t remember if I told you about H____ sending me donuts in the MTC. But they did and it was super nice of them. But, I don’t have their address either. So, tell them thanks for me please if you haven’t already, I can’t remember!!!


oh yeah.. I LOVE YOU!! :)

Sorry..... ha ha I keep forgetting stuff. Thanks to Tawni for the letter too!
And Coopers sent me a letter, so thank them for that for me please!! But I have like
no time in a day to write back to them. But I so appreciate it.


One more thing I swear. That family that we met with and helped with the blessing.. The husband works for BLIZZARD!!! Ask Camron what that means!!!!! :) It's super awesome. He's a historian. We might be able to get a tour of the BLIZZARD building next p-day. Super awesome.. =)

Last one I swear!!!

I love you all..