February 13, 2013

Email 2-4-2013

from Shannon - this is an "old" message that was sent the day before leaving the MTC but wanted to share it with you! I have been putting all his letters (those he writes and those written to him) in plastic pages in a notebook so they are safe and waiting for him!! We ended up getting to talk for 30 minutes - it felt like 3 seconds!! But it was wonderful and will carry us over to May! I'm behind on email - if you haven't noticed!

From: "Kyler Farr"
Sent: Monday, February 4, 2013 8:48:45 AM

I took some pictures of some of the things I do the most of here! I got some with the missionaries that left already, and I'll get some more with the others that I have gotten to know here! We're doing laundry and packing up right now! I found some extra time. I'm going to mail the package today, and a few little things. My Portuguese-English dictionary disappeared, so I'll grab another one of those. I'm so happy to get out of here and experience new things!! I can't wait to talk to you on the phone tomorrow. We have to be by our gate by 8:00 so I think I'll end up calling around like 6-7 ish. And talk for as much time as I have! I'm so excited!!! :) And I cant wait to get to Disneyland! =)
Elder Kyler Blane Farr
p.s. will you keep the letters I send home? I saw an instructor here that had like 30 months worth of letters in a book and I thought that was awesome!! I'd like to do something like that!!
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