April 11, 2013

Email 4-1-2013

This week was awesome!! This, guy.. I call him my ``friend`` he’s got some mental issues. But anyways, he continues to preach to me every time we see him. I can understand more or less of what he’s saying. It’s all mixed up. I think I probably talk like he does. Poorly. Ha Ha.. But, everyone is saying I'm learning super quickly. I'm not sure if they're just saying that to be nice or if its true. I am trying though!!

A few nights ago we were walking down the street and out of nowhere this lady asks us if we want some cake! Uhh duhh. We’re missionaries, of course we want cake! We said sure. She brought it out to us. While we were eating it a guy walks past and says, ``you’re American right?`` of course, I said yes. He brought me a CD that he had made in English to make sure all of the grammar was right. Ha ha ha ha. It made close to no sense at all. And the parts I did understand were kind of super inappropriate. But it was funny.

There is a member of the ward that knows a little bit of English and wants to learn more. Were going to stop by there today so I can help him learn English, and he will help me learn Português. It’ll be awesome. He’s super cool. He’s not baptized, but he’s basically a member of the church. He has been taught everything, but he’s separated from his wife, trying to make the divorce official. And living with a member. He goes to all of the activities, and he’s there every Sunday, he just needs to get married, then be baptized! :)

We were in priesthood meeting, and the bishop asked me if I could read something from the scriptures. I said I could but I don't think anyone will understand me. I was joking. But, he said ``its okay, I’ll ask you another time.`` After the meeting, he asked me to speak in church... it’ll be the fourth Sunday in April. I’ll be praying a lot between now and then. It’s about missionary work, so it’ll be pretty easy to do. =)

Our water went out this week. Some problem with the street water system.. I'm not sure. A member of the ward that lives across the street from us helped us go to a well down the road to get water. We had 4 buckets of water for the three days it was out. Luckily, I had washed all of my clothes the day before. So, I had clean clothes. But we have to take 2 showers a day, Morning and night. So, we showered out of buckets. It was pretty fun! Ha ha. It’s back now, and all is well.

All of the problems with M____ are all straightened out. Her baptism will be this Saturday. She´s so ready. She’s had a rough past, she’s 17 pretty much raising herself. Her mom is single, working always. We’ve taught her a few times. But, she lives with a man that doesn't want to get married, and doesn't want to learn the truth. But when they are ready, they will be ready. We’ll keep working on teaching the both of them.

We taught a man this week, and his wife.(or.. woman friend, they’re not married either) and he was a pastor for the Catholic church for 2 years, and felt it wasn’t right so left it. We taught him about the restoration and how in the Bible it talks about how there will be a restoration of the gospel in the fullness of times. He was amazed. They're trying to get married right now. They’re golden!!   I bore my testimony at the end and talked about how, we have the same exact Church on the earth today that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth, with a Prophet, 12 Apostles, and Priesthood authority of God. I don't speak very well, but I know he felt the spirit the same way I did.

People always ask why our church is called what it is. We ask them, ``did you know Jesus Christ established his church when he was on the earth.`` they always say no. then we say ``that same church, was restored by a modern day prophet.`` It’s perfect for introducing the gospel. It gets them interested, then we teach them!! :)

I keep forgetting to tell you too. People call me Elder Fahh, or Elder Fahah. Because the double consonant doesn't exist here. It´s to funny. At the beginning, I tried to get them to say Farr.. It’s not worth it! They can’t say it. So, I’ll be Elder Fahh for the next 20 months
I love this! I love the mission. I know I'm here for a reason. I know the church that our Savior, Jesus Christ established, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that our prophet was called of God. I know that we have the priesthood on the earth today, and with the Priesthood, we can perform miracles, we can perform sacred ordinances necessary to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. It’s a beautiful message, and we need to share it with the world. Everyone needs this happiness that I have.

com amor   (with love – I didn’t have to google translate this time!  Yea!)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

His responses to my (Mom) few minutes of emailing chatting with him

I’m on.. writing my letter now.

We have like 10 minutes left!! I’m trying to get pictures sent but everything is in Português!!     ahh.. but I’ll have elder P____ help me :)    HOW ARE YOU!?!?!?

We went to the center of Fortaleza. I hate it there. It’s a mad house!! So many people. But, were back now. We’re gonna go shopping. And do laundry. And I’m going to go teach a member English while he’s teaching me Português. I love it here. I love you so much!! I hope everything is well. I might go get a haircut too if we have time. But we probably won’t.. P-days are full of things to do!! love you

Leaving right now.. I love you!!!!!!