April 25, 2013

Email 4-15-13


The beginning of this week was awesome! One of the members in our ward gave us the name of a family to go visit. We show up and everyone was there, so we taught them the first lesson. It was pretty much perfect!   We taught everything we wanted to go through. And we invited them to read and pray. It’s a family of four girls, and mom, and their dad. After we invited them to read and pray the mom laughed at us and said only one of them knows how to read. Ha ha I guess they will be having a bunch of scripture reading as a family with the one daughter reading it all. We showed up Sunday morning to remind them about church, but they had family coming into town so none of them wanted to go. But as we were about to leave one of the daughters said she wanted to go. We showed up at the chapel with her right as some of the other young women were arriving. It was perfect, they invited her to sit with them. We were preoccupied after church and didn't get a chance to talk to her again, but we’ll be stopping by again this week to see how it was!

D____ and his family went to church again too. They loved conference, and they loved sacrament meeting, Sunday school, and priesthood/relief society just the same! D____is already a member, and wants to come back into activity. His wife and kids loved church too, and as soon as they get married, they can all be baptized as a family!

M____ is sick too. So no one knows when her baptism will actually be. Ill just wait, and the next time I write about her will be after the baptism. Ha ha. I keep writing about her and nothing is actually happening. But, all is well. We have talked with her mom and she has expressed a desire to keep learning about the church too. And wants to come to church to see how it is. Hopefully we can help her be ready to enter in this sacred covenant with the lord along with her daughter.

We´re still working with L____ (17) too!  At the beginning of one of our visits he said he didn't have faith, and he didn't want to talk to us about God, or Jesus, or the church anymore.  We talked with him a little bit more and committed to meet with us again, and committed to pray about continuing to meet with us.  I know that if he really prays, he will have that desire to continue learning and growing!

That was pretty much the extent of our missionary work this week.  I’m not sure if its just a bug or what.  But, I've been tied to the bathroom for the past four days.  President S____ and his wife gave us the names of some meds to take, but nothing worked. Ha ha... And its not getting any better. We’re going to call them later today and see what they think we should do. It’s nothing to worry about though.  Other than that I'm great!!! :)

One of the members of our ward has tons and tons of coconut trees, and he gave us some coconut water that's supposed to help with stomach problems. It’s funny, all of the members of the ward are trying to give me all of these things they think will help me feel better. I’m not going to go take all of the medicines they give me, but I guess it’s the thought that counts? Ha ha ha

We just went to the Pharmacy to weigh ourselves, and I lost 8 pounds this week! It’s terrible.  That's what happens when everything you eat goes right through you!  In total I've lost 28 lbs... In 5 weeks!

By the way.. Brother H____ said to mention something in our letters about how we are receiving his letters. So, here it is! I’m getting them all.

Besides all of the bad things this week. it was great!! :)   But seriously, I'm learning a ton with Elder P____.   I’m understanding more and more every day.   OH, and yesterday during testimony meeting the bishop kept looking at me, just like Bishop B____ did,  so I got up and bore my testimony. The members loved it, ha ha because I know I don't talk very well still. But they love that I'm trying!
I just hope I'm ready for my talk in church next week!  We just got a new ward mission leader, and he is dedicated to the max!!   He’s trying to get the ward excited about missionary work, and I hope that with my talk, I’ll be able to contribute to helping everyone get excited about the work!  We have a great message that everyone needs to hear.  Nothing can bring more happiness to a person’s life than knowing they can return to the presence of our Heavenly father after this life! :)

Elder Kyler Blane Farr!
Note from Mom/Shannon – So I spent a restless night last night dreaming over and over that I called the Mission Home to talk to President S____ about Kyler, to see how he was doing and to ask him if he’s given Kyler the medicine for parasites or worms and I couldn’t understand a thing they were saying, and no one there knew English and couldn’t understand me!!!   Finally, I decided to leave him in the Lord’s hands – He’s taken very good care of my son thus far – and then I was able to get some sleep!   It’s times like this that he feels so very far away but I know that Heavenly Father is watching over him and he will be fine.  And Kyler has such a happy, great attitude and he doesn’t want me to worry – so I’ll honor him in that way!
Also – I spent a lovely afternoon finally looking at the flash drive he sent home just before he left CA.  I haven’t looked at it before now because I was afraid it would make me too homesick for him but now I wish I had watched it sooner!  I laughed and laughed at the pictures and videos and LOVED hearing his voice and laugh in the videos of the Temple and MTC antics and I just stared at his face!!!  It was wonderful!  I’ll probably wear it out watching it over and over!