April 11, 2013

Email 4-8-2013


This week was awesome, just like all the others. I was kind of getting down on myself for not being able to understand what's going on all of the time, with the whole language barrier and what not.. But we had to go to the mission office to take care of some visa stuff, and I saw some of the other missionaries that arrived with me. Let's just say it's a blessing having a native companion. The learning process is so much faster. With an American companion you have the opportunity to speak English. Without that opportunity, you either have to go all day every day not understanding anything, or learn super fast. I´m trying the second choice, of learning super fast! My companion thinks he's being annoying, doing extra practices all of the time, and making me teach more, and do more contacts in the street, but I thanked him today. He was surprised. I´m glad he's doing it. He says he's only doing it so I can be extra ready for when I'm in leadership. We´ll see about that!!   ha ha.

One of the families that we're working with, there´s 5 of them, went to conference. The ``husband`` is an inactive member of 15 years, but wants to get back into activity. After they´re married, we can definitely help them do that. We´ve taught the first 2 lessons and they loved conference. It´s looking pretty good! They didn't have a bible in their house, and we had an extra one in our apartment, so we gave it to them. And he had us sign his Book of Mormon!

So, M____ needs to be interviewed by a member of the mission presidency, because of some past issues. It couldn't happen least week, but this week for sure!! I keep saying that, but its difficult to set things up because we don't have a phone. All of the areas have cell phones except ours. Just because our area is super poor, and there have been problems with people stealing missionaries´ stuff. But this week for sure it should happen!

Conference was good!! I THINK... I understood almost none of it. Our chapel is a duplex. And no one near us speaks English, so they couldn't get it in English for me. One of the members tried using their laptop to get it, but he couldn't get it to work.. haha. I guess I'll just wait for it to come out in the church magazines. It was funny, because all of the music was in English. All of the people got a big kick out of me singing in English. We had 8 investigators at conference!! It was awesome.
I went on exchanges this week with a missionary from Argentina. Elder R____. He´s been out about 10 months. It was awesome. All of our appointments cancelled, but we still made it a good time. We street contacted for a bit, with no luck.. But at the end of the day, we ran into a family where all of them are members except the dad. No one knows why he's not a member. So, we asked him. He said he needs to pray about it. But he didn´t know how to pray! We taught him how and everything was all good! haha.

I´m pretty much accustomed to the fact that I´ll be wet my whole mission. OH! the water went out again.. haha. We went another day without water. It was awesome. That´s where the memories come from. ``Trials make the heart grow stronger``-the RM??

We have potentially 5 people that could be baptized in the next few weeks. If everything works out. It´s hard trying to catch everyone at home when we have time. It´s always a holiday, or people are sleeping. But, when they're ready, they're ready!!

My area is Jatobá by the way.  and.. when does M____ leave?? And J____, any news on his call??
But, I'm loving it here! I'm learning so much!! My companion is so awesome!   haha.   I have received I think 2 or 3 letters so far?  I´m not sure.. but I think it takes about 2 weeks to arrive.

I hope everyone is doing well!! 

(His neice Tawni asked if he mixes his rice and beans together)  and to Tawni. The way they do it, is they put a huge bed of rice down, beans on top, then whatever else they´re eating on top of that. Everything is all mixed together! The food is awesome!  most of the time. :)  

com amor!! :)
---Elder Kyler Blane Farr