April 25, 2013

Email 4-22-13

oh hey! :)

So, I talked on the phone with our mission health guy, and he said I had a bacteria inside of me, (it could have been from anything) but I called President S____ and he said they had the meds I needed in the mission office. So, we took the bus (2 hours) to the mission office and the meds were expired! So, we walked to the nearest hospital to get a prescription slip. But I forgot my ID!!  We walked back to the mission office, got my passport and visa for an ID, walked back to the hospital, and we didn't have my health code!  Back to the mission office, then to the hospital for the last time.  We finally got my meds after waiting for almost 2 hours in the waiting room.  But, I talked with the doctor about my blood pressure too.  Because I'm losing so much weight, my blood pressure is dropping too.  It's not bad yet, but she is having me write down what it is every day at different times, then next week-ish we´ll set up a time to meet with another doctor to adjust my meds!  We left our appt. about 8 in the morning, and didn't return until 3-ish!  We missed our lunch appt!  But Elder P____ and I are expanding our foods. We make pancakes more now, and we always have bananas, guava, apples, mango, and cashew fruit.  It´s awesome.  The fruit is so cheap it's not even funny.  And most of the members in our ward have fruit trees and give us whatever we want, whenever.  It´s awesome to have so much access to so many fruits!  I am feeling so much better now though, ready to start working for real now, without sickness!

We´re still teaching D____and his family.  We are meeting with them tomorrow night, talking about baptism and marriage.  It should be good.  Elder p____ said I'm teaching this one by myself.  He´ll help me if I get stuck.  You know.. teaching in another language and stuff.. :)   It´s going to be great!

And, C____ and his family too. One of his 4 daughters went to church and loved it.  We taught Sunday school, with all of the youth, about the Book of Mormon.  It was awesome!   We had 8 investigators at church!

I'm not sure exactly how much time we have to skype on mothers day, but we need to set up a time.  So we know when to get everything set up.

I'm not sure if I told you or not, but our washing machine broke!! We´ve been washing clothes by hand for the past 2 weeks.  We´ve been waiting for someone to come fix it, but it's not happening!  It´s kind of fun though.  It makes the experience more memorable.

I´m still having fun! :)   everything is going so well.   I´m so blessed to have this opportunity.

Yesterday I talked in church.  It was about missionary work.  I incorporated it more of how we can all be good examples to the people around us, because we had investigators there and I know they didn't want to hear about what they can do when they're a member of the church, because they're not members!! YET! :)

The work is amazing here.  My comp. said this is one of the slowest areas.  But we're doing all we can to keep it up with the others!!  With Faith and fasting we will make it happen with help from the Lord!
You´re all great! :)

Elder Kyler Blane Farr