June 24, 2013

Email 6-17-13

From Shannon -  So sorry I didn't get this out sooner -- I am really very sorry!  There's a wonderful phrase in the letter -- "she will open the door to the rest of her life".... Love it - brings up so many wonderful happy images and feelings!!!    Enjoy!


Oh Hey!
This week was pretty good.... just kidding.. it was awesome! Just like every week here on the mission. :)

E_____was confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday. She got super sick, but wouldn't miss church for anything. It´s awesome to be there and see when our investigators are growing in the gospel. It´s no thanks to us, we´re just a mouthpiece. The faith that the new members of the church show is awesome. I love it. 

The other two elders that live with us had a baptism last night. They don't have a chapel in their area, just a house where they have church, so they had the baptism in our chapel. They needed help with some things so we got to be there for it. The girl is 13, and her whole family are members already. They were all baptized a super long time ago and went inactive shortly after. Elders v______ and J____ have been helping them come back to church. They all became active again and the girl showed an interest in learning more. They taught her and she was baptized yesterday. The best part was, I went up to say congratulations to her and her family. Her dad had his head down when I got there and didn't look up. I got his attention to shake his hand and he looked up at me and he was balling! A grown man shedding massive tears of joy. It was such an awesome experience.

Last week we got invited to a family home evening at the house of a sister in the ward. We got there and they wanted us to give the ``lesson.`` that wasn´t a problem, it actually turned out being awesome. We´re still pretty new in the ward and don't know everyone yet, and there were some young women that we didn't know. We just assumed that they were all members. We got to asking questions about the gospel and such and turns out, one of them was taught everything, wanted to be baptized, but has some health problems, and a fear of water and never actually got baptized. We´ve passed by her house a few times, setting goals and helping re-light the fire she used to have. We set a date for next Sunday. If everything goes as planned she will open the door to the rest of her life next week! 

A few days ago there was the soccer game, Brazil vs Japan. We had a few appointments set up to go visit some people, but we forgot about the game. We decided to go try anyways and visit the people. We got to one house and they were not home. We went to another house and they said they told us to come back later because they were watching the game! Usually, all day every day there are people in the streets, music playing, and kids running around in the streets. It was the first day that I didn't see anyone in the street! No one! We ended up walking and visiting one of the recent converts in the Favella. We hung out with him and talked, while listening to the fireworks in the road! It wasn't very productive at first but we had some awesome discussion with A___, and he game us some references that we´ll go pass by on Wednesday

There are endless stories that I could write! So many miracles happen on the mission. So many good things! I can´t even explain how great it is. The only way, is to experience it for yourself. 

I did buy a camera, it was like 150 dollars. It´s super good. 

Have a good week! I know I will ;)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr