November 22, 2013

Email 10-28-13

This week was great! A man was baptized. We stopped by his house like thirty minutes before the baptism just to make sure he was ready then we walked together. He said he was kind of nervous and he didn't want us taking pictures! Haha.. We just went and knew he would give in when we got there. The others in the other ward had three baptisms and they were using the baptismal clothes. The only one left was a HUGE one that would have been big enough for two of me. But he put it on, and we tied it in the back. He was worried about how he would look and thought he looked ridiculous. We talked about how it doesn't matter how we look, because the baptism is the most important part. He agreed and then let us take some pics. The baptism was awesome! :) His cousin, who has been inactive for years, got so excited for helping us help his cousin come unto Christ. He is super excited about the church and is already talking about a mission! It´s great. 

It has been super hard to get in contact with our African friends. We talked to them only once this week and everything is super busy for them trying to find work and get settled in for real. They are all still excited about learning more about the Gospel and going to church but they had some family come into town and didn't want to leave them to go to church. It will work out this week and we´ll put em in the water eventually. 

This week teaching wise was pretty stressful. All of the appointments we had marked, fell. We got in kind of a routine of visiting all of the same people that are not really progressing. During one of our planning sessions we decided to cut the people that wont progress and go find new people. We made 10 new investigators on Sunday alone. And taught a bunch of lessons. I wish we would have thought of it much sooner, but we learn with experience, huh?

This week was really good. One of the other missionaries that live with us, was my companions companion in the MTC. Yesterday he came into the house and said." you´ve changed. You´re a different person than you were a month ago.`` That made me feel good that I got to be a part of his learning process. He hasn´t been a member for too long, but it´s good he´s here to grow in the gospel during this time of service.

We taught a lesson to a family with a lady that lives next door to them. We got done with the first lesson and the neighbor lady started yelling at us about how we don't watch T.V. and how we´re a cult. I always put on the innocent face and ask the person what the word ``cult`` means. I know what it means but i know the person doesn't know. They always throw the word around without knowing what it actually means.. Anyways, We explained all  about it, and how members of the church DO watch t.v. Then the best part happened. The man of the house stood up and ``invited`` the lady to leave his house! Then we finished the lesson for real. 
It was awesome. We´ll be inviting them to be married, then baptized next lesson without the crazy lady there. :)

Have a good week!
Elder Kyler Blane Farr