November 22, 2013

Email 11-11-13

This was the most successful week of my mission!
We worked out butts off.. It was great!
Our mission president raised all of our goals to meet, by like double. 
That means we get to work harder, faster, and smarter!
We were teaching these two guys that are addicted to crack, we kept passing by there and they were definitely interested but the crack won. They have the desire to stop, but the addiction is huge. I know everything is possible through faith but at this time, they’re not ready. :(
We are destroying our area though! We made 40 new investigators this week, and taught 34 lessons. 
We did an exchange this week and I stayed in my area and I spent the day with my companion from the MTC.  We had a good day, but my favorite lesson we taught was a woman and her six kids. They all love soccer so we related finding out if the church is true to finding out if a soccer jersey is an original. We asked them how we would find out if the jersey was original or not. They said we might need to ask an expert. Or compare it to another that we know for sure is original. They were the best answers I could have hoped for. 
Asking an expert would be asking God, in prayer.
Comparing it to one that we know is an original=comparing it to the Bible!
They liked the example and everything but I was thinking, there has to be more we can work out of this example to introduce baptism! SO I asked, so when we know for sure that the jersey is real, what do we do with it?   You´re going to use it, keep it safe right!?   Ha ha Using the jersey is like being baptized, When we know for sure that the church is true, we are baptized. 
That´s how we explained prayer, and the book of Mormon to a 9,12,13,15,16 year old. And their mom! Ha ha ha Then we marked a baptismal date. ;)
I had an idea, after they get baptized how we can use the jersey example again. When we know it´s real we´re going to want to show it to our friends. (MISSIONARY WORK!!)
We were teaching a less active family, after eating dinner with them. And we decided to talk about the commandments. They aren't keeping all of them and are noticing the unhappiness that’s coming from it.  It got me thinking.  We spend what.. like 85 years?  or however long on this earth.   Are we going to waste our time here not keeping the commandments and not returning to the presence of God after this life... Or are we going to use our time wisely and keep the commandments so that we have everlasting happiness??   I think the answer is clear!
We watched the Restoration video with a member, and his nonmember girlfriend. She’s awesome.  He has to get divorced, then married, so that she can be baptized.   It’ll be a long process, but worth it! ;)   The spirit was so strong after the film ended and we just kind of sat there in silence until they looked at me waiting for me to say something.  I said, ´´I’m not going to say a lot because I want us to be able to focus on the spirit we are all feeling right now``  then I invited her to say a prayer, we knelt down on the concrete floor and we left afterwards.  There is no greater feeling than leaving a home with that feeling inside, and knowing that through you, the lord has touched the lives of many!
Have a wonderful week!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

 Part of my e-chat with Elder Kyler
I have gotten all of them (pictures).   I got the one from grandpa also.   I put them in my album so when we teach our investigators I can show them all of the awesome people in my family.. It’s a really big thing here.   All of the members love seeing the pictures of the missionaries, so all of us have albums. :)

I love getting pictures!!  Don’t ever worry about sending too many.  Pictures are my favorite!
(I lamented that I haven’t had time to learn any Portuguese like I had planned to do)  He replied - I’ll be sure and help you guys when I get home.   I mean….I´ll have to teach you guys the words in Portuguese, that I forgot in English!   Ha ha
(I asked him if he thought he would still eat rice and beans every day when he got home and what kind of milk he was drinking)    He replied -To be 100% honest.. I am so sick of eating beans.. except for black beans, like in feijoada.  But I love the rice. Even if I had a choice, I think I would still enjoy eating it every day.   The milk.. I don’t even know.  It goes bad in like 3 days in the fridge. The pasteurização  (forgot how to spell this in English..) process is just different I guess.
I loved talking to you! And I can’t wait to get the pictures.
I love you mom!! Have a wonderful week and tell everyone hi for me!
love you tons!!
te-amo muito.  Tenha uma boa semana.
a gente vai para casa agora a fazer almoço. Não sei o que vamos comer, talvez macarrão nada! :) haha  
Love you mom! And dad!
until next week!!!!! :)