November 22, 2013

Email 11-4-13

This week was pretty good! Last week the mom of a member (who's is not a member) asked us to come over to lunch on Saturday. She would not accept no for an answer... ha ha So our plan was to eat at our normal lunch at the normal time then go to her house and eat a little bit and teach her a lesson. We ended up getting to our real lunch appointment with the sister in the ward but she had forgotten! We explained everything to her and she didn't feel so bad, because we already had somewhere else to eat!  So we got to the other house with the nonmember lady and she had invited her friend there to eat with us.  We had our books of Mormon in our hands when we walked in and she was looking at it the whole time.   She finally asked about it and we explained.  Then she asked us who the founder of our church was.  We responded with the truth.  Jesus Christ is the one who started our church.  She got confused and asked again, we responded the same way.  She sat forward and said,``now you have my attention.``  We taught her the first lesson right there, but during the lesson this super loud annoying fan was on, but when I got to the first vision, the member who lives there turned the fan off. The room got so quiet and when I finished the first vision she asked what happened next.  We explained, and invited her to be baptized.   She accepted.   I have never gotten a reference like this from a nonmember before.
After church a man received the priesthood and they asked us to sit in.   Right before, I took off my bag and set it down on the floor.   We got done and I left the bishops office without it. We were about to leave when I finally realized I didn't have it.   I went back to look for it and it wasn’t there.   I figured someone had taken it accidentally because all of the missionaries here have the same style of bag, even the return missionaries.   So we went to our lunch appointment with out it, with the plan to get it later, to see if anyone had returned it.  So we went back to the church for our meeting and a member walked in with my bag!   He said, ``before I give this back I have to tell you a story``.   He said when he was walking to the chapel a lady stopped him in the street asking about the church and stuff.   He explained a little bit and she liked what she heard.  She asked him if he had any kind of pamphlets or anything to give to her.  He looked down at his bag, thinking it was his and said no.   He opened it to see if he had a pass along card or anything, to his surprise he had my bag, full of pamphlets!   He gave her one and took down her address. 
Pretty much the coolest story ever.
This church is the only true church on the face of this earth. 
Things don't happen like that on accident.
Have a wonderful week!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
Portion of our e-chat:  Elder Kyler in blue:
We’re here... was cooking breakfast.... HOW ARE YOU!!!
I’m so good!!   We came early today because we’re going to watch a movie at the chapel after this! :)       What did you make for breakfast!? Ah ha
Usually dad and I have a v8 and a banana but we're doing bacon, eggs and country potatoes for company.         
What movie are you going to watch?
I’m not sure what movie.   I’m mostly just excited to sit in air conditioning for two hours! 
I chuckled when you wrote that the movie didn't matter.. .just the air conditioning!!!
I loved both of your stories!!  Amazing!!!!   Totally amazing!!!
Brazil doesn't have tortillas, right?
Yeah the only tortillas I found were in a huge supermarket in the center. A pack of like 5 is R$20   ten dollars!      It’s so sad!!

It’s interesting to find what we really miss when we just get down to the basics!!   You grew up on a lot of burritos!!   Do you still make pancakes sometimes?
(pic of him after helping a member move – dirty and very sweaty but still very handsome!)
Holy cow!!!!    You worked hard!!!   Are you used to the heat now?
No! No one is used to the heat.  Every day is hotter than the day before!
Ha ha like today... it’s ridiculous!
ha ha....  I guess people just put up with it!   We’re supposed to get snow today - but only 30 % chance.    Do they make tamales there?   What is their "Specialty" food that people make a lot - besides rice and beans?   Does your comp speak English?
He’s learning, we do language study together, but as of right now.. almost nothing.,
Specialty food….Literally every single day the people make Rice, beans, noodles and some kind of meat. Literally every single day!!!!
At the ward parties they make churrasco; Brazilian barbecue; slow cooked thin slices of meat over coals. But with the churrasco they have rice and beans! Ha ha..
Sometimes the people make lasanha for our lunches…. forgot how to spell it in English…..lasagna???    But it’s always with rice and beans too on the side.
We don’t really make pancakes, but I remember how.
But the recipe for tortillas would be cool!
Hey, this place is about to close...we should have like twenty minutes left but he’s about to kick us out!   lame, but that’s the way it is.    Love you though,  I’m glad we got talk!!
Have a great week
oh....stink....okay --  I'm so glad we got to talk too.... WE LOVE YOU!!!   LOVE YOU AND KEEP THE FAITH AND KEEP WORKING SMART
you’re the best!! 
Later that day :
Hey since we got cut twenty minutes this morning we decided to come now when we have a little bit of extra time so my comp could write his fam, he didn’t have time earlier. I don’t know if you’ll see it when I’m on, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU!!   You guys are seriously the best ever! :)