November 22, 2013

Email 11-18-13

This week was pretty normal.
We taught a bunch of lessons. The best part was, we taught more lessons with members, then other lessons. All of our goals have been increased as of this transfer, and we´re reaching them.   It´s great what faith and hard work can do.
We are teaching a lady but she used to play a big role in her other church.   Every time we bring up a topic, she combats it with something from her church.   We pretty much just told her that we’re not there to compare every little detail of the gospel, but we are here to teach the things that we know to be true.   We ended up watching the Joseph Smith video, the long one.   Afterwards she said, ``from what I understood from that, Joseph Smith was one of Jesus´ original apĆ³stolos.``   wow.. I didn’t think that was possible.   We explained everything to her.  She understands a little bit more every time we pass.   If she doesn’t go to church this week I’m afraid we’re going to have to cut her.   People that don’t go to church, can’t be baptized, obviously.. ha ha
There’s a 17 year old boy,   We reactivated him.  He’s going every week.  This Sunday he was called to be a Priest.  (it’s been like 5 years since he’s gone to church)   And he received a calling.   He’s a new missionary of the ward.   We have been making sure that he gets as much out of this calling as possible.   He leaves to teach with us every day of the week.   It’s pretty awesome. 
We are teaching a bunch of people right now, But it seems like everyone we teach is addicted to crack or is an alcoholic.   I didn’t think it was possible!   One night we did three contacts in the street and all three of them told us they used crack.. 
We pray for the spirit to be able to know what to do to help these people.
We also pray to find people ready to hear the gospel.
I’m so glad I’m here.   I love you all!   Have a wonderful week!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
Yeah - happy Christmas!   And it’s actually mu companions hammock.. it was closer to the window so I used his!   We put on normal clothes too ha ha ha :)   this month will be a trunky one!
I think on Thanksgiving we will walk in the road... like ten miles or so… talking to everyone on the way, teaching them about Jesus!
Last week we watched Kung Fu Panda 2!!  It was okay.. they let us watch it in English with Portuguese subtitles which was cool!   Today we’ll probably just watch it in Portuguese. Ha ha I don’t know which one we’ll watch today
Ha ha they don’t have any Christmas traditions here!!!!!    It’s so lame!    They put a tiny tree in the corner and that’s it!   An Elder told me all about it.  I hope he’s wrong, but we’ll see
I can’t believe it!!    Ha ha    that’s so sweet.
This guy is closing up shop!   We’re outa here in a sec!    love you!
PS -- from Shannon -- I kept looking at the picture of him in the hammock with the Christmas lights, wondering why it looked "off".  Then I realized I haven't seen him in a t-shirt, or anything other than a white shirt for almost a year!!!   :)    made me laugh!