July 21, 2014

Email 7-14-14

Okay.. so transfers was today!!
But before talking about that..
We were walking to lunch this last week and Elder E shut his eyes and said, ``you will have to guide me to lunch`` And it was pretty far too. S o I told him when to go up, down, to turn, to duck and all that good stuff.  At one point he could hear people talking and got embarrassed cause his eyes were shut, but I told him that he just had to keep going until the end.   At another point a motorcycle was coming passed us and he got scared but I assured him that he was in a safe place, (on the side of the road!) ha ha ha.. we finally got to lunch and we said, ``wow that was awesome..`` We ended up sharing that as our lunch message and related it to how I was acting as the spirit.  Sometimes the spirit tells us to do something and we get embarrassed..but we have to keep on going, because the spirit knows better than we do. Sometimes we get scared, but the spirit is there to comfort us! It was a cool real life experience that we related to the Gospel.  The Sister that we shared it with liked it so much she gave us a high five.. so it must have been pretty dang good! ha ha..
So speaking of transfers.............I left.. Elder E stayed there.  I was kind of mad after only staying there for six weeks during the world cup.  It didnt even give enough time to do hardly anything.. I would tell you more about my new companion, but I don't know who it is!   He´ll get into the mission field tomorrow!   I´m district leader too.  So I spent 6 months of my mission as a Zone leader, and when I'm done training this missionary I will have spent 9 months training. I´ll get another ``son`` tomorrow!  ha ha. Tomorrow will get here 2 missionaries from Bolívia, 1 from colombia, 2 brazillians, and 1 from Cape Verde, África!   I´ll let you know next week which one I get.
I´m back in Caucaia too. My área is Parque Albano. It´s in the same Zone and Stake that I was already in. Our area has basically nothing.. we have to go out of our área for basically everything..but that´s okay.   I know I'm here for a reason.
I can´t believe it happened how it did... I think I'll probably end my mission here.. Training is 2 transfers and then I'll have one more.. crazy.. I don't even believe it..
I´m well! And I heard we have some good investigators too!!   Love you lots,
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr