July 13, 2014

Email 7-7-14

That was fun!
We just got home from going to the mission office to pick up materials for our zona for the week.. There was alot.. like alot alot.  So we took a taxi to get home. The taxi driver started asking questions about the church, and what we do and how much money we make.   (ha ha ha ha ha) and things like that.  We explained everything to him and he likes everything we said.  He said he was sitting in the (I forgot how you call the Catholic Church service) and he said he felt like something was missing.  He went on to talk about how he didn’t know his purpose in life and  he wanted to know where we go when we die, and why so many churches spend half of the meeting talking about money..  The car ride was about an hour and we taught him the restoration, the plan of salvation, and tithing.  It was awesome because my companion was in the front and I was in the back seat and we were switching off talking, and reading scriptures and what not.   He said, `` I know you guys work in Conjunto Cear√°, but I want you to give my phone number to the missionaries where I live so I can go visit your church.``  We got his info.. ;) and he´ll be a great member of the church some say!
He started out the conversation bearing his testimony about how God exists, and how he loves us and he talked about the experiences that have happened in his life that are proofs that we have a loving Heavenly Father that just wants us to be happy. We spent quite a bit of time at home again this week.  But I was thinking…. There´s a sketchy taxi system here in Fortaleza that are normal people with normal cars that take people around and charge like half the price. My companion said, ``let’s just call taxi amigo``.   But I felt that we needed to go in the road and flag down an official one.. It´s more expensive, but.. oh well..   So we did, and we met this awesome man with a desire to learn the truth.
It´s funny how The Lord puts people in our paths that we can share the truth with.
We met a boy this week also that has been to church a ton and his mom didn't let him get baptized,  now she´ll let him.  He wants to wait a bit, but we told him to pray about getting baptized this week.   We’ll go there this week and talk with him.   He´s awesome.
That was the highlight of this week!!
I made a year and seven months yesterday! That´s NUTS!! Time is moving and moving..  it´s crazy!
I love this Gospel. Don’t be afraid to live it, and share it with your friends, and family, and enemies!   And everyone!  Okay??  Okay!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
PS -- his parting message to me that I'd like to share:)
Have fun at work!!
Remember who you are and what you stand for!   Be obedient okay!?   and always wear your seatbelt! ha ha ;) love you guys!