July 22, 2014

Email 7-21-14

Hello Everybody!
So, I guess I´ll start out by talking about my new ``son``. His name is Elder Pinheiro.   He´s from Manaus!!   Did I ever tell you that I always wanted a companion from Manaus!?   He´s so legit.   He´s 21 and came to the mission SUPER prepared!   He´s getting used to the mission life and what not but he´s doing very well so far.   Elder Monteiro from Cape Verde, Africa lives with us too and is training a missionary from Bolivia.   Four different nacionalities and four different accents at home. It´s been pretty fun so far.
We´ve gotten to know alot about the ward and it´s awesome.  This is the first ward that I have been in during my time here that talks about doing things, then actually does it.  They work!  It´s awesome.  We already have marked for this next week two people to leave and teach with us.  One in the afternoon, and one at night, for every day except for Saturday, due to a ward activity.
We had a ward activity, a ``festa junina`` Saturday with like 300 people there.  There were TONS!  Because it with both wards that go to the chapel that we frequent.  Out of nowhere, they asked me to give the message like five minutes before it started. That´s the first time I gave a message in front of so many people.  There were members, non members, inactives, recent converts, and investigators..   It was nuts, but it worked out.  It went well.
We met a 17 year old kid that uses drugs and does absolutely nothing in life.. He cried as he told us that he wants to change.  He´s waiting to turn 18 to be able to get his card to be able to get a job.  But in the meanwhile he just hangs out with his friends that are a terrible influence.  We set some goals with him and we´ll help him to have a better life.  It depends very little on us, and alot on him.  We´ll see though.  With faith, everything is possible!!  He understood the Restoration, and accepted baptism.  We left, visited his neighbor and as we passed his house again he was inside smoking weed......... We´ll teach the word of wisdom and it´ll work out! Ha ha ha
Everyone in the ward was telling me and my companion that we are the ``nice`` companionship, just based on the way we look.  It´s funny.  They all walk up and say.. ``olha aí, são os Èlderes simpaticos!``  It´s funny.  This ward is great!  We´re all enjoying it a bunch! 
I´m hoping I finish the mission here, but I won’t get my hopes up just in case it doesn’t happen! Ha ha..
Love you all!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
He gave his message about keeping the commandments, and the blessings we receive.. using Mosiah 2:41.. and said they were going to do an awesome game thing but there were no knives there…
He loves the Manaus accent!!  (Manaus is in the Northern Brasil, in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest and also the area where Sam Poulton and Trent Palmer served their missions)
He wasn’t sure how the card works but will let me know next week.
Google translation says that ``olha aí, são os Èlderes simpaticos!`` means “looking around, the elders are friendly”   
He reminds us to “Have fun, and remember to smile.. :) <---like this!”