July 13, 2014

Email 6-30-14

This week was good!
We were actually able to go out and work quite a bit this week, besides the Brasil games, because it´s so crazy in our area during.. During the next game I’ll send some pics of how our street gets so you all can see it. ;)
I was able to meet some investigators here for the first time this week. There are some really good people with alot of potential with just some little problems that are easily fixable with a little bit of faith!  We had combined with a bunch of people to go to church, but only a few went.. I´ve noticed a huge lack of faith even within the members of the church.
Our church in our area is getting reformed so we have to go to the other church like 30 minutes away walking. SOOO many people don´t go.. just because it´s a little bit further away.  They think it´s a sacrifice to go..  I can´t really think of very many things that would make me not want to renew my baptismal covenants with my Heavenly Father. 
We have been talking alot about Faith recently, me and my companion.. One thing I learned from a previous companion is this.. but it makes more sense in Portuguese. 
Faith..(Fé) has two letters.. F and E.. F is for ``fazer``-TO DO and E is for ``ESPERAR``- to wait.. so we do something.. then we wait for the blessings to come.. for example, I want to find a new job.. I’m not going to sit at home and wait for someone to contact me.. I am going to go looking for a new job.. There are so many examples that exist.. Like, if we want a better life, (who doesn’t want a better life??)  We need to do the things that will help us to make that happen.. We need to LIVE the gospel!   Mosiah 2:41..   It´s so simple!   We can be happy because we get blessed, because we keep the commandments.. Material blessings.. and spiritual blessings.. Just do it..   It´s so annoying to me when people complain about things, when they aren’t doing what they´re supposed to!   Ha ha.. I’m kind of ranting on.. just putting my thoughts onto paper!
Anyways.. our old mission president left!   He´s home.. and the new one (Presidente Bonini) is here!   I haven´t met him yet though.. we´ll have a mission conference this Wednesday with him and it´s like a ``meet your mission president`` conference. It´ll be cool!
I´m about to make a year and seven months here in like 5 days or so! That´s scary... but I’ll do what I have to do while I’m here!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

:)     I’m not trunky or anything.. I’m just SSOOO excited to see all you again,.....