May 1, 2013

E-Chat on 4-22-2013

Here are some things Elder Kyler told me during our E- chat!

Time wise, he is 4 hours ahead of us.  

He hasn't lost any more weight since the last 8 pounds, due to a bacteria bug in his body, as he is able to eat and keep it in his body now!  (Yea!)

He had a personal message to Camron -- "...we are lifting every morning too!!  So Camron better watch out.. We're getting ripped! ha ha "

It takes about 3 weeks for him to get a letter from us.

He's very thankful for the extra half hour on email every week.  (Me too, because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to e-chat!!)

On Mother's day, he will be able to call home to set up a time to skype on Monday.  I asked him 'Why Monday instead of Sunday?" and he replied - quote "  I'm not sure but President S____ said it, so that's how it is  ha ha!!  He's very strict but that's what I love about him!"  unquote 

Fortaleza is HUGE!  Jatobá is inside of Fortaleza itself.

There is an elder there that loves American money so Elder Kyler switched him dollars to Reais.
They ride a bus about 30 mins and walk another 15 to get to the bank.  Every other P-day they do this just because they don't have a bank in their area!!  it would get robbed!  But it's all good, he says!  They only go to the center when they have permission for something very specific.  And it's the same amount of time to get to the mission office.  2 hours there and 2 hours back!
He says he misses peanut butter because it's so expensive there.  He gets 115 reais every 2 weeks - 230 a month, which is $115 a month.

They eat a bunch of carrots with members, also beans and rice but the people don't eat a lot of veggies in Brazil.  They have a mango tree right next to their house and can get fresh ones all day every day! 

He had a message for Tawni - he "hasn't seen many big spiders - just big cockroaches!  Some almost the size of ....  a little bit smaller than a computer mouse!!   HUGE....and they fly!!!  : ( "

He ended with this:  "Tell everyone I love them!  I Love it here and the language is coming more and more every day!!   : )  You guys are awesome!! Keep working hard!  I love it here... I love you and everyone else too!!  : )