June 4, 2013

Email 5-27-13

Oh.. HEY! :)                                 5-27-13
So, some tricky stuff happened recently! I got transferred!! Everyone thought I would stay in my other area, and Elder P____ would leave, But he actually stayed there and I got transferred! So now, my companion is Elder B____, He´s from Idaho and has about a year on the mission. I´m not sure what exactly to think about this whole situation. We are living with two other elders too. One of them is from Paraguay and the other is Elder J____ from my District in the MTC. And, in our zone is Elder W____, and Elder B____ from the MTC also!  I´m just going to have to focus a bunch to keep learning the language. It´s way different having the opportunity to speak English now. Self discipline will have to take place, that´s for sure. It´s just so much easier to speak English, but everything will work out! We´ll all continue to learn and grow together. Last night we had some people come to our house and wish Elder P____ goodbye, because they all thought he would leave. It was super funny when they all found out that I was actually leaving. After this transfer Elder p_____ will have over 7 months there in Jatobá!  BUT, we have good beds in our new apartment, and our washing machine works! No more washing clothes by hand! :)

Okay, so we are in the Zone Litoral. We are opening two areas together. We have two wards. We have so much to do it´s hard to know where to start!  I´m hoping we will have help from the ward and everything will work out how it´s supposed to. 

They started the marriage of D____ and his ``spouse`` I don't know what to call her.. ha ha today, and next month they will be baptized. I´m kind of sad that I´ll miss their baptism, and that of F____ too. But that´s not what's important. Just that they are continuing to grow in the Gospel. 

It will be awesome to get to know the people in this area though. All of the people are super awesome here, and so humble, it will be great to get to know them and learn with them. 

I´m really not sure what to write right now!!! I know nothing about our new area!

Almost the same thing happened here as in California though. There I left like 3 days before the R____ family was baptized, and I left a bunch of people in Jatobá also. From what I´ve seen here in this area is, it is way more city-like. It´s not a super poor area. I don't know what to write! My thoughts are so scattered!!! I´m just so excited to get out and open these areas!

Oh! This area is in the Fortaleza mission. Depending on what area I got put in, depended on what mission I would have got put in. Because the mission in splitting three ways. But now we know for certain that all of our MTC district will all stay in this mission except Sister V____. So, I'm super excited we´ll all be staying together!

On Friday I have the appointment to talk with the doctor about all of the different tests they´ve done. I´ll know how everything was, and what I need to do from now on. I don't see why anything would be wrong, but it´s just to make sure! :)

I´m doing super great here! I´m kind of nervous serving in two wards, and opening them both, but everything will be awesome, I know it!
Hope everyone is doing good too!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr