May 31, 2013

Email 5-20-13

This week was great! :)

It was funny, just now we were walking down the street and two guys pull up and said ``are you American`` (in English) I walked over and said yes! One of them is Brazilian, and the other is American, from San Jose, California. We just talked about why I'm here, and how we’re missionaries. I guess they’re just traveling and seeing the sights. (I don’t know what sights they’re trying to see here in Jatob√°, but.. cool!) :) It was just a funny experience. I definitely didn't expect to speak English today!

We went to the Doctor today too, to do some exams. She did an ultrasound on my heart to make sure everything is good, which I don't see why it wouldn't be. And we have to go back again tomorrow for a 24 hour test. I´ll have to work all day tomorrow with a blood pressure monitor attached to my body! And, I can’t take a shower with it on............ But it’ll be good.. I hope.

We are continuing to teach F____. She went to church with her son to our ward. She went with her boyfriend, who is a member, to his ward two weeks ago. She and her son loved it. And, she is still on track to be Baptized on Saturday, as long as nothing comes up! She actually came to us and wanted to be baptized, so everything should be great,

With D____ and his family, they have all decided to wait until after their marriage to be baptized, then D____ will baptize his wife, daughter, and two sons. Because he is already a member, inactive for 15 years!! :) They are loving it, and the questions they ask about the church, and the Temple are awesome! They´re going to be firm in the gospel.

We are accompanying two sisters, one has 13 years, and the other 14. (that means they are 13 and 14 years old)  They were taught everything like a year and a half ago, and are just waiting for approval from their parents. Their mom approved, but the dad is traveling for now, and they will talk to him when he gets back. The day that they want to be baptized is Saturday too! Saturday should be a special day!

So I’m still not completely sure, but here in Brazil, when people are baptized, they have a different name. One girl asked me how was my baptism, and I said, it was with water!! She got super upset and won’t talk to me, and won’t shake my hand! Elder P____ said it’s just because she’s 15 and she’s a ``snake`` (girls who love missionaries) so, I'm not too worried! I guess she wanted to know my real name, but I didn't understand! Ha ha ha

We had mission conference this week, with the whole mission, except Juazeiro because they’re about 10 hours away. But, President S____said he wanted to get everyone in the mission together one last time before it gets split. So, I got to see everyone from my MTC group, except for the sisters, because they´re in Juazeiro. It was way cool! So our mission is getting split into Fortaleza, Fortaleza East, and Natal. No one has any idea where they will get put. Sunday night we will know for sure, so I’ll be able to write all about it Monday!

I bought a rede this week! :) A hammock. Our apartment has hooks on the walls, so I can set it up and sleep. I have pics but I forgot my camera, so maybe next week I’ll be able to get them sent!

The rainy season here is coming to an end!! It has been so hot these past couple of days! It was a little bit better, I thought I was getting used to the heat but no.. It just wasn’t as hot. So, the heat and sweating continues! It’s great though. Everything is perfect! The people we are teaching are great. I´m so glad I’m here! There are some things that I see right now as challenges, but in the long run they are just going to make me a better person. This is me preparing for my future!

Mom - feel free to send whatever you want. Nothing will make me ``sad``, or trunky. :) It was just an idea I had that I thought would be pretty cool!

Until next week :)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

And a few more things:

The hammock is SUPER comfortable, but just to rest in. I tried sleeping in it for like an hour, but all night is impossible for me!! Ha ha..  I bought it from a ward member.   It’s called a rede and is pronounced heh-gee!    De is gee, and depending on where the letter r is, in a word, it makes an ``h`` sound.   Just like with my name. Fahh :)

I think I’ll stay here in this area; it’ll stay the Fortaleza mission

Blane had e-mailed him to ask if he did his silent prayers in Portuguese or English and this is his answer - My silent prayers are in Portugu√™s too. Someone asked me to pray in English... goooodd luuckk.. I forgot the words! So, that’s why. Ha ha. And it helps with learning the language too.

It only happened once, they don’t really ask me to speak English very often. The other night this kid said, good morning! So, I taught him good night. Ha ha ha    it was cool.

There are so many missions getting split right now – it’s super insane!   It’s a good thing!  But sad too, because the ole MTC district will be getting split!!

Until next Monday!    I love you guys! :)

-Elder FARRA (fahah) :)