June 30, 2014

Email 6-23-14

this week will be pretty short unfortunately. Today Brasil plays this afternoon so everything will shut down and the LAN houses will be shut so we wont' be able to go. But as Zone Leaders we have to also pick up the materials for our zones in the morning... So here I am! ha ha
Anyways, this week was kind of a repeat of last week.   Everyone keeps traveling, and the people that stay home just sit in a chair on their sidewalk and drink and drink and drink... 
We ended up with a really good lesson with a lady that we are preparing for baptism about keeping the sabbath day holy. Her mom was super doubtful because she used to go to the seventh day adventist church, but after we explained everything the kept saying that the would start buying stuff on Saturday and not Sunday.   Her daughter is the one we usually teach and we ended up teaching both of them.  Unfortunately the lady,(her mom) got sick that night and had to go to the Hospital and was not able to go to church. She has already gone once, so we should be able to have her baptism this sunday ainda. 
We´re both good, we´re trying to work even under these super annoying circumstances. 
Next week I promise I'll have better things to write about! ha ha ha
The US played yesterday and alot of people watched that game, Brasil plays today and EVERYONE will watch that game too, so the rest of this week we should be able to make miracles happen once again!
Thanks for everything! You´re great!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr