August 18, 2014

Email 7-28-14


There’s not a ton to write about this week, just that we are working até o pó!!! That means ALOT! Ha ha...

I´m just trying to make sure that my ``kid`` has a good working habit and that he represents me well when I go home.. (not that I’m trunky or anything... )

There is a part of our area that is kind of far away from the church but that has not been worked by missionaries in a long long long time. We work there the whole entire week and met some people that were super promising and said they would go to church, but when Sunday came around, we went to pick up the people and it was like a ghost town at every one of the people’s houses. Even the members that live over there weren´t home. We still don’t know what happened, we’ll go there tonight to see what’s up!

We left our house one day specifically looking for a MAN to baptize, a future Priesthood holder. We went looking the whole day and nothing... until that night we taught a man that seems good and he accepted the baptismal invitation!! ;)

But even better! We stopped by the church at the end of the day and talked to the Bishop and he told us a story of a member that’s wife was baptized two months ago and they looked on the church’s system to be able to give him a calling but his information was not there. We looked and called church HQ and NOTHING!!  There was no proof that he was baptized.  So he needed to be re-baptized.  We went to his house and explained everything to him the following day (Friday) marked his baptismal interview forSaturday morning and baptized him Saturday night!   It was cool.. Kind of like a baptism fell from the sky!   Ha ha it was a fun experience he wasn’t mad either!   He was super happy!!   Ha ha

We asked him who was going to baptize him and he said, ``well that’s one thing that I never thought I’d be asked again!`` and he said one of us could do it. As it was Elder Pinheiro´s first baptism on the mission I left it up to him, and he performed the ordinance.   It was a super awesome meeting, and baptism.

Hope everyone is super well and happy!

I WAS going to add pix,  but we went to the center and I forgot my camera. MY BAD!. anyways, love ya!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

So....olha aí, são os Èlderes simpaticos google translated to  "Looking around, the elders are friendly"    is that right?
Ha ha ha pretty much!
Yesterday I got THE trunky phone call..  they called to ask which airport I wanted to fly into.   Ha ha

hooleeyyy mmoolleeeyyy!!!!   That's just right around the corner!!!   it´s crazy!!!   (Elder Kevin coming home on Oct 1st)

We’re super good, just tired... going to the center is tiring.  We go by train so it doesn’t take very long but it just takes alot out of us.  

Tell everyone hi for me. :)
until next week!