August 18, 2014

Email 8-11-14

So, remember our super elect investigator??

Yeah….  so a while back he was trying to take a language course but it wasn´t available at the time.   And right when he starts talking to us, it comes OUT OF NO WHERE!!   And it´s only on Saturday and Sunday, for the next two years.   And it´s a required class for what he´s studying... He said that in two years when he finished, he´ll definitely come to church again and get baptized...   I always tell my companion, that God knows what he does, but Satan also knows what he does.  He makes things look so good, but that will really do us damage. We´re just trying to help everyone, but that this happens.  We´re positive though, but it´s rough because also this week…..

We were teaching some people that are members of another church that were actually interested in the message and agrees to pray and ask God if it´s true but guess what they did first!?   They asked their Pastor.  So Stupid.  That´s probably the worst decision you can make.  The Pastor started talking bad about us and said how we don´t believe in God and all of the other stuff.. I study my Bile every single day. I guarantee that I know more about the Bible than these Pastorzinhos.  (google translation is ‘shepherd’)  I’ll take pictures of some of the little churches that we have here in the neighborhood.  They use their garage in front of their house as their church.   By day it´s a church, by night it´s a garage.

Good News.. kind of!  This Family that the mom will get divorced, then married, then baptized.. she went to the interior where her soon to be ex-husband lived and he doesn’t live there anymore.  He lives super far away in a place that doesn´t even have electricity ... but we got a hold of his sister that´s willing to help us.   She called the town where he goes to receive his phone calls, so when he goes there, he´ll get the message then he´ll call his sister who will call the lady we´re helping, then they will mark a day to go the place to do the divorce.... but it´s going to be SUPER expensive... but we´ll figure something out...

It´ll work out.. I´m noticing at this point of my mission how much satan doesn´t want us to do our work.. It´s frustration but it´s part of the plan.

There´s a little church in front of our house and we marked with the pastorzinho to talk about religionand we´ll teach him about the restoration. I´m just tired of him yelling every night about how someone is possessed and how he´ll take the demon out...ha ha   I’ll show you the pics and stuff when I get home.. but we´ll do our part and we´ll see what happens. 
I´m good!  Kind of stressed, but good.. I know my purpose and I’m willing to fulfill it.  The time is running out, but there´s still enough to make miracles happen..  Thanks for everything you do!   And for the letters too.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr