August 18, 2014

Email 8-4-14

This week started off pretty rough. Last week we made tons and tons of new investigators, so this week we started off just following up with all of them.. We spent like three days visiting the same people and teaching them, then we realized that none of them were really progressing.   This happens quite a bit here because the people are so sympathetic and want to be our best friends.  Sometimes they just want us to come back to have conversations instead of progressing in the Restored Gospel. 

We ended up contacting EVERYBODY and their dog towards the end of the week and we contacted an old woman sitting in the street, (like most old people do every night) and she told us about how her grandson wanted to learn more about the church, but that he was not at home at the moment.  We asked if we could pass by later that day and of course they said yes.   We went back that night with a member, the leader of the ward missionary work and we went there and just simply invited him to church, and he accepted and asked us to go by to walk with Him.   His name is Pedro and he has 17 years but looks like he has 25.   He´s quiet but super elect.   In the sacrament meeting the Bishop spent the first 20 minutes burning everyone about different things about keeping the ward building clean.  Then we had a class about the word of wisdom and all of the ridiculous members spent the whole time talking about how we can’t drink coke.......................I got kind of worried... but we went to his house afterwards and he said he loves church.   We haven’t formally taught him yet, but he seems super awesome.

Last week, I bought a bag,, remember how when I came here it broke??   I finally got a new one,,, and I got a new suit.;)    It´s super legit!

A família that we are working with that  the woman had to get divorced to be able to get married then baptized, finally went to the interior.....or the.. I don’t know..  out of town to get it all figured out.   Then we´ll hopefully be able to start the marriage process, then throw them four in the water!   They´re super anxious and ready for baptism and we´re excited to help them be able to get there. 

I know that God is our Heavenly Father, and that He loves us, and that he wants us to be happy, and that we gain that happiness keeping the commandments.   If you have any doubts about any part of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, put your knees on the floor and ask God in prayer... it´s as simple as that.

Be HAPPY!    And remember to smile. :)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr


He has been off his BP meds completely for around 6 months now and is feeling GREAT!   He checks it often and it's always perfect.

He and his companion are doing great!  He says his comp is awesome!  They share a house with another companionship,  one from Africa and one from Bolivia.

He can’t believe he hits a year and 8 tomorrow!  To quote him, ‘It is going by sssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast!!’   

He says he still has some weight he wants to lose but can’t focus on it right now – other things that are more important to do, plus he doesn’t have much control over what he eats or does so he’ll wait until home to finish that!

And ends with, “We’re out of here!!!    Love you a bunch.   Have a wonderful week!!    You´re the best! ;)”