August 18, 2014

Email 8-18-14

So, I just read BISHOP Hatch´s letter that talked about how it didn’t matter that we had a hard week last week because we would have 4 people at church this week! Well, we had 5. so.. that was good.

Our ward had a meeting about that couple and their complications with the divorce and marriage and what not, and the ward came to the conclusion and everyone will help out a little bit.  Some people will help with money, some people will help with transportation, because he lives super far away, and one member is going to talk with his friend who is a... one of those people that work with that kind of stuff.. I forgot what  it´s called... and see if there´s a way around this huge process because it´s been 19 years since they have seen each other.

We redid our teaching pool!   We´re teaching like 5 families and some other single people.   We´vetaught a bunch of first lessons and we don’t know for sure who will actually progress, (hopefully all of them). Ha ha..
Our new mission president has changed a bunch of stuff!!   Nothing that will really affect me, because I think I’ll stay in this area until the end of my mission.  He changed how they will do the transfers and some other things.  He´s learning! Ha ha ha   we got some instructions from the Area Seventy that we are to work way more with inactives, so we were searching for some, and met a family that went inactive for little stupid reasons, just a misunderstanding.  We taught them and just started asking questions and they realized that they need the Gospel. It was a cool experience and they said that this Sunday they will be going to church. :)
Have a great week! ;)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
PS    we still don’t have an official ‘fly home’ date but it’ll be in mid November probably!
Yeah, we´ve found some good people and some like the ones that are dangerous.. but they´re all half my size, so I’m not worried. ;)

My Companion is the MAN!   I love this kid.   He´s excited and willing to work!   It´s cool..


But it´s true... we have to suffer to be able to grow!!!   Not grow grow, but spiritually growth.. or mental growth.. you know??    It´s like I always say in Portuguese.. tem que sofrer para crescer!   (have to suffer to grow)
I forgot to say... we taught the pastor of that church yesterday.. SO MUCH APOSTASY. I am seeing the prophesies of the scriptures come to pass here.  I know more about his doctrine than he does... ha ha ha but it was fun.