August 30, 2014

Email 8-25-14

Right when things start going well, and I think everything is going to be okay, my dream gets shut down. HARD.. our transfer system is different now.  We now get an e-mail on Monday saying where we will go, then on Tuesday we go to our new area.

I just received the e-mail and I’ll be going to Itapipoca.   A city 3 hours away from Fortaleza, 4.5 hours from city center.  I don’t even think they have a ward or a branch there, I’m pretty sure it´s just a group... I thought for sure I would finish my mission here.   I don’t know what to think, or what to do.
We took a super awesome family to church and they loved it.   They had only planned on staying for sacrament meeting but liked it so much they stayed for the second hour too but had to run home because they left her dad there alone and he has Alzheimer's.

There were a few other people too.
Next week I’ll let you know more about the ward, my companion, and what not.. if I’m alive! Ha ha...
I know I’m here to work…. I’ll just go there and work…..

Oh man,  I almost forgot!!!!!    Remember one of the garage churches???   One of them was ran by a man who was baptized in the church of Jesus Christ a few years ago..   he went inactive and started a very successful church, then left it and started another that was very successful also, then got greedy and started another.. and that one is in our area, and didn’t grow very well..   We stopped by every once in a while and made friendship..   Two nights ago we passed by and he called us over and started talking about how he wanted to talk to the prophet about how our church grows and his didn’t..    We told him straight up that our church is true and his was incomplete..   We bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and as tears rolled down his face he said he would return to church!    We walked by the next day and he painted the church. And ripped up all the papers.. And when we walked into church on Sunday he was there!!!!!!!!    He said, ``eu nunca mais vou sair desta Igreja!`` -  I will never leave this church again!

It was way cool!   One of the best experiences on the mission.    There were more details, but I’ll write them down and tell it better when I return.     Sad I won’t be able to help him more....     

Mom, thanks for everything you do!   It means alot to me!    Know that I love you guys too, ALOT!!!    I’ll give you more details next week of where I am and what not.
You are the best!!     Talk to you next week, have a good week!!!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr